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60 per cent travellers more comfortable with Indian food on international trip

With rise in the number of outbound travellers, a survey has revealed that 60 percent are more comfortable with Indian food during their international trip.

While 30 percent are fine trying out all cuisines 83 percent of travellers had to miss a meal during international trip due to non availability of Indian Food, according to MakeMyTrip’s Outbound Travel Survey 2019. The survey is based on a four pronged online survey that was conducted by MakeMyTrip in January that included more than 1,200 respondents who had booked international travel recently on the platform.

Further, the survey revealed that on an average Indian spend Rs 25,000 per person on shopping while on an international trip, with 17 percent of them spending over Rs 50,000 and 27 percent spending up to Rs 10,000.

About 45 percent respondents said they have at least once passed off a gift purchased in India as one brought from their overseas trip. Indians usually prefer buying chocolates (49 percent), followed by fashion apparel and accessories (17 percent) in their international trips, it added. Meanwhile, 32 percent parents, with young kids less than 5 years, said they have travelled overseas leaving their kids with family members back in India.

According to the survey, beach destinations continue to be the the most preferred international destination by 71 percent Indian travellers. About 50 percent respondents sometimes add check-ins on social media to let their friends know they are travelling while 80 percent do it at the originating airport.

While 69 percent of the travellers sometimes post photos of their international travel on social media, it added. Vipul Prakash, Chief Operating Officer, MakeMyTrip said, “With the rise in disposable incomes and ease of planning and booking travel online, the number of Indians travelling overseas is growing phenomenally.Interestingly, a large chunk of this growth is coming from travellers in tier II-III cities.” It revealed that one third travellers prefer to stay at 4-5 star hotels, 44 percent prefer to stay at mid-range and 13 percent prefer to stay at alternate accommodations.

About 70 percent respondents feel very uncomfortable drinking tap water as done in many countries, during the international trip. It found that 51 Indian prefer staying at the City Center and 26 percent closer to the transit hubs.

Toilet paper instead of water in the toilets (52 percent) is the most irritating thing for Indians travelling abroad followed by different power sockets (39 percent) and non-availability of Indian Food (36 percent), it added. Toiletries, grooming kit followed by stationery and shoe care kit are the top items that travellers carry along with them while checking out of the hotels, the survey revealed.

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