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Ayubowan Sri Lanka

Endless beaches, timeless ruins, welcoming people, oodles of elephants, rolling surf, cheap prices, fun trains, famous tea and flavourful food describe Sri Lanka.

You might say Sri Lanka has been hiding in plain sight. Countless scores of travellers have passed overhead on their way to someplace else, but years of war and challenges such as tsunamis have kept Sri Lanka off many itineraries. But now Sri Lanka has found its place on the itineraries of ever more travellers. Several years after the war ended, the country is moving forward quickly even as questions about the war continue to spark debate. Lying between the more trodden parts of India and Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka's myriad appeals are undeniably alluring.

Sri Lanka lies across a narrow stretch of water to the south east of India. It is green, rich and lush just like an emerald which it resembles in shape. From pristine beaches, fabulous history, spectacular wildlife and great cuisine, Sri Lanka is one destination of a lifetime

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