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Cyprus open for vaccinated travellers from March

The government of Cyprus has announced that it will lift all travel restrictions on vaccinated travellers in March. Cyprus is a country that relies largely on tourism. Given the current situation, the country has decided to remove all entry requirements from March 1 for inbound travellers who have a valid vaccination certificate, including their booster shot certificate.

The announcement was made by the country’s Tourism Minister on Wednesday. As of now, the Mediterranean island nation requires travellers to either show their negative RT-PCR test report or self-quarantine upon arrival.

But now, the country is planning to abolish these requirements as well for fully vaccinated people. Vaccine certificates for those who haven’t received a booster shot will be accepted in case nine months haven’t passed since they received their second dose.

Cyprus is also an the European Union member, therefore it will accept vaccination certificates from non-EU countries conforming to those issued by the 27-member nation bloc. Those unvaccinated will be allowed to enter the country but they will have to follow the testing and quarantine requirements.

Starting March 1, 2022; Cyprus is planning to introduce a simplified COVID-19 risk-assessment system for categorising nations.

Unvaccinated travellers from the ‘green’ category will have to take a PCR test 72 hours prior to their flight, or a rapid or test 24 hours before departure. Unvaccinated travellers from the ‘red’ category countries will also have to undergo a PCR test in Cyprus at their own expense.

Those coming from ‘grey’ category nations will need special permission to enter Cyprus.

SOURCE: Times Travel