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Karishma Kazi, Explora #RiseLikeAPhoenix

Shout out to the universe, “I want all my wishes to come true”. Watch your manifestations become your reality.

Karishma Kazi, Managing Partner, Explora always saw herself in a chef apron since childhood. “My career aptitude test suggested three career options – food, travel, or HR industry. However, my dad was not supportive of me getting into the food industry and he asked me to opt for travel. And being a teenager, if I was not getting what I wanted, I made sure I don’t opt for what he asked me. So yeah, I ended up with HR,” revealed Karishma.

After working in the HR industry for over 10 years, she took a sabbatical post-pregnancy. Well, the month-long leave ended in just 10 days as Karishma hated sitting idle at home. She joined her dad’s travel company and soon realised that she wanted to continue in this industry. And after a few years, in 2015, she started her own travel representation company with her best friend. But it was only during March 2020 lockdown that she found her forgotten passion for food.

“I strongly believe in the quote – When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. It can sound very filmy but trust me, it is 200% true. Your subconscious mind is 30,000 more powerful than your conscious mind. Somewhere deep down, I never let go of my passion for cooking. While the world saw the lockdown as a challenge, it opened new doors of opportunity for me, a chance to work on my dream of becoming a chef, of opening up my personal food brand. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than cooking,” confessed Karishma.

Today, Karishma is running a food start-up successfully and plans to continue with it. While travel is her passion, cooking is her long lost love.

Trust in divine timing. The universe always has your back. So #HaveFaith in your dreams. If you can’t pursue them, your subconscious mind will. All you got to do is just ask the universe with all your heart and you will #RiseLikeAPhoenix even during the most challenging times in life.