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Middle East Gears Up for a Spectacular Cruise Season in 2024

July 3, 2024 | Anita Jain Shah: Editor’s Note

As the final farewells of the previous cruising season in the Middle East fade into memory, the region is abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming 2024 season. Renowned for being one of the top outbound destinations for Indian travellers, the Middle East—encompassing Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Oman—is preparing to welcome an influx of cruise enthusiasts from October 2024.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will once again be at the heart of this cruising frenzy. This winter, the region is set to host the return of prestigious cruise lines such as Costa Cruises and MSC Cruises, which have long been favourites for their luxurious winter sailings. Adding a fresh wave of excitement, Resorts World Cruises and Celestyal Cruises are poised to launch their inaugural seasons in the Middle East, promising new and unique experiences for travellers.

The remarkable success of the Middle East as a premier cruising destination can be largely attributed to the dedicated efforts of its cruise ports. By investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure and making cruise travel more accessible, these ports have successfully attracted global cruise liners. Their world-class facilities and streamlined services have turned the region into a magnet for both cruise lines and travellers, enhancing the overall appeal of cruising in the Middle East.

This season is shaping up to be more thrilling than ever, with four international cruise brands each offering distinctive specialties and unique selling points. Costa Cruises is renowned for its grandeur, MSC Cruises for its elegance, Resorts World Cruises for its vibrant atmosphere, and Celestyal Cruises for its authentic cultural experiences. With such a diverse array of options, travellers are spoiled for choice, making it a delightful challenge to decide which cruise to embark on.

As October approaches, cruise aficionados are advised to prepare for an unforgettable season filled with luxury, adventure, and cultural exploration. The Middle East cruise season of 2024 promises to redefine travel experiences and create lasting memories for all who set sail.