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Sapna & Rajesh Rateria, Cirrus Travels #RiseLikeAPhoenix

In 1997, Rajesh & Sapna Rateria started Cirrus Travels with just 150 sq ft. rented office space, no computer and just a landline phone to booking tickets.

After facing some turbulence in steel & jute business in Kolkata, Rateria family took a leap of faith and moved to Mumbai. While Rajesh started transport business, it was Sapna who started Cirrus Travels from home. Later, Rajesh also moved to the company to help Sapna and grow the business further.

“Times were tough as it was a start-up. I remember, Sapna and me use to open the office in the morning and do the dusting & cleaning by ourselves. Book air tickets on the phone and maintain a register with all the flight details and routes,” recollects Rajesh. Back then, without GDS, air ticketing was not an easy thing to do.

Taking a leap of faith is better than taking a leap of doubt. They took the leap and changed their lives for better. Today, Cirrus Travels is one of the most reputed corporate ticketing agency in India.

Take that risky leap of faith and damn the consequences because there really are hardly any consequences, only great rewards. So, #HaveFaithguys. Take that #LeapOfFaith and jump! If you don’t jump, your wings won’t open! So jump and see your business #RiseLikeAPhoenix

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