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Thailand: The trending summer destination among Indians: Criteo report

Criteo reveals that Indian holidaymakers aren’t just dreaming of the perfect getaway during summer break – they’re booking them too. Criteo’s recent travel report provides an overview of travel bookings made between April & June for the year 2017 and draws a comparison with April – May 2018.

The report revealed that Thailand is the most preferred international destination during the period of May & June for Indian holidaymakers, with 30% of bookings during the period, followed by United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, France, Sri Lanka, China and the United Kingdom. For domestic travel, popular destinations include Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

More highlights of the report

In 2017, as per the report, Indian travel sites saw more than 50% sales in the last week of May. The trend continued in 2018, which shows that holidaymakers are increasingly eager to commit to holidays later in the month of May in a bid to travel in the summer season.

The report also highlights that during the entire summer season in 2017, most of the traffic on travel sites was recorded between last week of May and end of June. However, the number of visitors declined towards the month of May 2018.

Siddharth Dabhade, General Manager, Criteo India said, “International destinations are becoming quite popular among the Indian holidaymakers. With the Indian travel landscape changing at an unprecedented rate, greater connectivity for both international & domestic travel, and increased willingness to spend, Indian consumers are going on vacations more frequently and spending more on travel as a reward for their families. We can expect more interesting trends in the coming time, which the marketers need to account for when reaching out to their customers.”

He further added, “Marketers are facing the challenge of providing a consistent consumer experience across online and offline.  Criteo is helping the travel industry to overcome these challenges.  More and more marketers now understand and include personalized ad targeting all devices in their marketing mix. This is another trend which will continue to evolve and help marketers create a sustainable competitive advantage beyond just pricing and packages.”