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This is the first ‘Resort Hotel’ of Sri Lanka

June 26, 2024 | By Anita Jain Shah

Constructed in 1967 and designed by the renowned Geoffrey Bawa, Cinnamon Bentota Beach is Sri Lanka’s first resort hotel. Its establishment led to Bentota being designated as the country’s first “National Holiday Resort.”

Nestled along the serene shores of Bentota, Cinnamon Bentota Beach Hotel stands as a testament to both architectural elegance and artistic immersion. Designed by the visionary Geoffrey Bawa and later refurbished by architect Channa Daswatta, the hotel blends tropical modernism with contemporary luxury, offering a haven where every corner tells a story of craftsmanship and creativity.

The hotel’s allure begins with its picturesque setting and continues through its meticulously crafted interiors. Each of the 159 guest rooms, including sixteen suites, 54 premium rooms, and 89 luxury beachfront rooms, is adorned with a unique collection of artworks commissioned from Sri Lankan artists. This commitment to regional arts and crafts not only enriches the guest experience but also underscores Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts’ dedication to cultural patronage.

Beyond relaxation and dining, Cinnamon Bentota Beach Hotel caters to weddings, conferences, and a myriad of leisure activities. Guests can explore the mangroves of Bentara and Madu rivers, visit turtle hatcheries, or embark on cultural excursions to nearby attractions like Lunu Ganga (Bawa Gardens), Brief Garden in Beruwela, and the historic Dutch Fort in Galle.

Johan Aschan, Area Vice President for Sri Lanka Resorts and General Manager of Cinnamon Bentota Beach, Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts said, “At Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, we curate a truly Sri Lankan experience across all eight of our unique properties. Each location reflects the vibrant spirit and diverse landscapes of the island.”

Adding further about Cinnamon Bentota Beach, Aschan said, “Designed by the legendary Geoffrey Bawa, Cinnamon Bentota Beach offers pure beachfront bliss, allowing guests to unwind on golden sands while being surrounded by stunning architectural elegance. The resort is an epitome of cultural immersion, reflecting the rich heritage of Sri Lanka through its design and ambiance. Guests can relax in luxurious accommodations, enjoy gourmet dining, and partake in various entertaining activities such as water sports. Whether it's a peaceful stroll along the beach, a dip in the azure waters, or a serene evening watching the sunset, Cinnamon Bentota Beach provides a perfect blend of relaxation and cultural experience, making it an ideal destination for travellers seeking both tranquillity and a deep connection with Sri Lankan traditions.”

Must-try experiences at Cinnamon Bentota Beach: 

Enjoy the refreshing King Coconut juice and strawberry compote at breakfast.
Savour the delicious paneer sabji and hot naan prepared by Indian Chef Sunny at dinner.
Meet Perky and other dogs—Perky, a stray adopted by the hotel’s GM’s wife who runs an NGO for stray dogs, can often be found in the non-air-conditioned area of the hotel or on the beach.
Take a morning walk on the beautiful beach right in front of the hotel.
Witness the enchanting sunset ceremony by the hotel team near the swimming pool.
Experience the unique goodbye ritual, a traditional song designed to dispel negative energy and send you off with happiness and positive vibes.
Explore the art around the hotel and learn about its fascinating history.