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Akasa Air launches Makar Sankranti special on Café Akasa

Akasa Air, India’s youngest airline, today launched a special festive meal for Makar Sankranti featuring Rajwadi Khichdi & Sesame flavoured pan-fried potatoes accompanied with Peanut Chikki and a choice of beverage on-board. This is the latest in the series of the airline’s year-round festive menus that offer flyers a unique culinary experience in the skies. Early on in its journey, the airline launched specially curated fusion meals inspired by regional delicacies associated with celebrations during popular Indian festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Dusshera and Diwali. The airline also launched its Christmas meal in December 2022, featuring Chicken Pie, Plum Cake, with a choice of beverage.

The wholesome offerings of the Sankranti meal, inspired by traditional cuisines, are Akasa Air’s latest tribute to the culinary heritage of India and aim to celebrate its vibrant, diverse culture. The special meal will be available on-board all its flights upon prior booking till 31 January 2023.

Akasa Air will continue to introduce special festive menus for upcoming festivals throughout the year. The airline also offers a pre-selection of cakes on its regular menu for flyers who want to celebrate the birthdays of their loved ones in the skies.

About Cafe Akasa

Akasa Air’s buy-on-board meal service is available at Café Akasa – offering a wide choice of multi-cuisine, tasty and healthy meals, including industry-first options, to provide customers with a unique and indulgent gourmet experience in the skies.

The menu offers a wide choice of meals, including unique and varied items such as farm-inspired, plant-based nutritious combos – exclusively curated with reputed chefs from across India. Quality fusion meal offerings are inspired by Indian cuisines and celebrations and cater to all taste buds. Moreover, Cafe Akasa has an array of unique year-round festival menus and industry-first meals and beverages like pasta, Vietnamese rice rolls and hot chocolate. As an environmentally progressive airline, Akasa Air’s packaging of perishable meals is ethically sourced from sustainably grown crops and served on board with stylish wooden cutlery that is biodegradable.