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Costa Cruises India sailings: A start of a new era in Indian cruise industry

India all set to host Costa Cruises India sailings!

As anticipation grows, we had the opportunity to interview Nalini Gupta, Director of Lotus Aero Enterprises, the representative of Costa Cruises in India. She shared insights on what Indian travellers can anticipate on Costa Serena, the largest cruise ship to embark on domestic itineraries in Indian waters. The brand is deploying a bigger ship this time – Costa Serena for the Indian market which features 1500 cabins and has a capacity of 3780 passengers.

The arrival of Costa Serena in India is set to have a profound impact on the Indian cruise industry, changing it in several key ways:

Costa Serena’s presence in Indian waters increases accessibility and convenience for Indian travellers, offering a range of cruise durations to suit different preferences and budgets. This broadens the appeal of cruising to a wider audience.

As one of the largest cruise ships to operate in India, Costa Serena introduces a new level of luxury and grandeur, attracting both seasoned cruisers and those seeking a more upscale travel experience.

By offering domestic itineraries, Costa Serena allows Indian travellers to explore their own country’s coastal beauty and cultural diversity, creating a unique and exciting opportunity for both local and international tourists.

The presence of Costa Serena can stimulate local tourism economies by bringing in a steady influx of tourists and cruise enthusiasts, potentially leading to the development of infrastructure and services catering to cruise travellers.

Costa Serena’s presence generates increased interest and awareness about cruising in India, potentially leading to more individuals considering cruising as a vacation option.

The Indian cruise industry may become more competitive as other cruise lines seek to tap into the growing Indian market, offering more options and better deals for Indian consumers.

The expansion of the cruise industry in India can create employment opportunities for locals, both on board and in associated service industries.

In summary, Costa Serena’s entry into the Indian cruise market is a transformative development, expanding options, raising the bar for luxury cruising, and contributing to the growth of the Indian cruise industry. It has the potential to reshape how Indians perceive and experience cruise vacations.

About Costa Cruises India Sailings

From November 4, 2023, to January 1, 2024, Costa Serena will offer a variety of sailings, with options for 2, 3, and 5-night cruises.

Costa Serena features 1500 cabins in total, including 505 with private balconies and 58 suites. The ship houses 5 restaurants,10 bars and a Cigar lounge. Costa Serena also has a wellness centre, gym, thermal baths, thalassotherapy pool, treatment rooms for spa, Turkish bath, 5 hot tubs, 4 swimming pools including two with automatic cover, 5 jacuzzis, a casino and a soccer field.

FREE Cruise for kids below 18 years, up to 2 kids when sharing a cabin with 2 full paying adults, only pay mandatory port chargers and onboard gratuity. However, this offer is not valid for peak sailings.

No passport or visa is required for Indian nationals sailing with Costa Serena on India sailings.