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Croma Onboard Cordelia Cruises: Experimented with a Unique Pop-Up store at sea

Croma, India’s electronics retailer, has raised the bar for innovative customer experiences by introducing a groundbreaking initiative aboard Cordelia Cruises. In an unparalleled move, Croma set up an exclusive pop-up store on the cruise, delivering an immersive iPhone experience as part of their ‘Croma Cruise Control 4.0.’

This distinctive pop-up provided iPhone enthusiasts with an opportunity to explore and experience the latest iPhone 15 series while sailing the seas. A select group of 15 fortunate winners, who pre-booked the iPhone 15 series at Croma stores and, embarked on a captivating journey aboard the luxurious Cordelia Cruises.

Passengers were greeted with a surreal experience as they visited the vibrant and visually striking Croma Pop-up, adorned with neon and psychedelic colours. The overwhelming response from passengers highlighted the success of this personalised and curated encounter, allowing them to engage with Croma’s experts.

Shibashish Roy, Chief Operating Officer at Croma, expressed his excitement, stating, “We’re thrilled to curate this ‘Croma’s Experience Pop-up on Sea,’ offering a truly unique and immersive journey for our valued customers. At Croma, our focus has always been on redefining the boundaries of technology and entertainment, and this initiative takes that commitment to a whole new level.”

Croma is widely acknowledged for crafting engaging and immersive experiences for its evolving consumer base. ‘Croma Cruise Control 4.0’ exemplifies this commitment by providing memorable and interactive experiences, reinforcing their position as the preferred and trusted retailer for top-notch electronics and the latest technology products and services.