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Desaru Coast: Another side of Malaysia: Must-experience list

We all know that Malaysia is open to Indian travellers and most of you have already designed travel itineraries for your clients. We expect that you would have included the usual suspects like Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Langkawi. However, let us introduce you to another side of Malaysia which has adventure, luxury and exclusivity too! We are talking about Desaru Coast – the new high among luxe travellers in Malaysia.

Since the island features multiple hotels and attractions, we list down the ‘Must-Experience’ for you in this feature.


1. Find seclusion and sanctuary at the ultra-luxe One&Only

Positioned on the south-eastern shoreline of Malaysia between lush rainforests and the South China Sea, One&Only Desaru Coast is a magical hideaway. The resort is set within 51 hectares of unspoilt rainforest and a pristine 1.5-kilometre stretch of private white-sand beaches. Your choice of accommodation ranges from Rainforest Suites, Ocean-view Suites and the four-bedroom Villa One.
It’s perfect for exclusive weddings, events and those luxury hideaways!

2. Ride around the Desaru Fruit Farm on ATVs

Ride an ATV around the Desaru Fruit Farm and learn how all the different fruits are grown. Other fun things to do at Desaru Fruit Farm include paintballing or feeding the cute animals in their petting zoo!

3. Dive into Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark

If you adore a day out around the wave pools and water slides, you cannot miss out on Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark. A few great attractions in this waterpark include one of the biggest wave pools in the world and a roller coaster ride that ends with a big splash!

4. Experience the ultimate beach holiday

Desaru is a beautiful coastal town that overlooks the South China Sea. As for the adrenaline junkies, did I mention that there are lots of water activities you can try out while you’re out by the beautiful sea?

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5. Visit the Tanjung Balau Fishermen Museum

Located at the site of a former fishing village, you can marvel at all the interesting artifacts in the museum, each with its own story to tell. Take a trip back in time and see the tools the fishermen used back in the day and learn of the superstitions they believed in. Intrigued by the beauty of the sea? Feel free to check out their Sea Gallery to learn more about how the fishermen navigated the stormy waters. In fact, there’s even a whole gallery in the museum that is dedicated to shipwrecks!

6. Indulge in an affordable seafood feast

All that talk about going to a coastal area has certainly worked up an appetite! Being near where the fresh seafood is caught, you have access to so many seafood restaurants.

7. Make a trip to the animal farms in Desaru

A trip down to the Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm, which houses more than a thousand of these large, ferocious reptiles, will be a jaw-dropping experience. If you’re lucky, you might be able to hold the crocodile eggs in your hand or even interact with the adorable baby crocodiles!

8. Eco Tour Mangrove Cruising

Be one with nature as you cruise along the mangroves! Embark on the Eco Tour with our naturalist guide, where you’ll even get to learn about the traditions and superstitions of local fishermen, plant mangrove samplings, and sample local flavors!

9. ‘Golf’ around

If you want a relaxing afternoon in Desaru while your kids go off playing on the beaches, there are two excellent golf courses in the area. One has 27 holes while the other has 18 holes. They have both been designed by gold champions, so are in great shape. If you also want to bring your kids along there are smaller courses made for people of any level.

10. Go on a boat ride to see beautiful fireflies at Kota Tinggi Firefly Park

Enjoy a tranquil riverboat ride under the stars to see countless glowing fireflies at this park, under an hour’s drive from Westin Desaru Coast Resort. Sit back and marvel at nature’s beauty on this boat ride that takes around 45 minutes. At times, the fireflies gather near a tree, giving the appearance of a festive Christmas tree. It truly is a magical sight!

Now, sit back and get started with planning a trip for your client to Desaru Coast. If you need any assistance in terms of top DMC for Malaysia, we got you covered there. Here is the list of top DMC operators in Malaysia catering to the Indian travel market.