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The Protagonist – Dev Karvat, MD & CEO, TrawellTag CoverMore

It takes years of hard work for an idea to succeed. You need to have resilience and grit, care about the sincerity of the idea. Move with your heart but monetize you head. However, during the journey, family support is the most important armour to keep fighting in your life struggles. At the end, its all about a healthy work life balance to find inner peace and happiness.

Meet Dev Karvat, Managing Director & CEO, TrawellTag CoverMore who talks about a his entrepreneurial journey, the struggles, failures and emerging strong from those lessons.

Conceptualized by: Anita Jain, Managing Editor, The Digital Travellers

Produced by: Anand Shah, Creative Head & Producer, The Digital Travellers

Edited by: Kapil Kothari, Production Head, The Digital Travellers

Music: Ivan Torrent - Skyborn

Photo Courtesy: The Digital Travellers