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DreamFolks Introduces DreamFolks Membership Club, Bringing Exclusive Travel and Lifestyle Experiences to All

Press Release | Team TDT

DreamFolks, the foremost aggregator of airport services in India, has unveiled its much-anticipated membership initiative – The DreamFolks Club. This exclusive club introduces a selection of membership options meticulously crafted to meet a variety of travel and lifestyle preferences and aspirations. From those seeking heightened comfort and convenience to individuals yearning for a truly opulent travel experience, the DreamFolks Club promises something for every discerning individual.

Liberatha Kallat, the CMD of DreamFolks, expressed her pride in the launch, stating, “At DreamFolks, we have consistently endeavored to make premium airport experiences accessible to a wider audience. Today, I am thrilled to introduce our DreamFolks Club membership packages, representing a pivotal moment in this journey. These memberships, tailored for diverse budget ranges, amalgamate our world-class services, providing exclusive access to luxury. From complimentary global lounge access to a spectrum of services including airport facilities, beauty & grooming, healthcare, floral gifting, travel visas, golf, and more – these packages unlock unparalleled travel and lifestyle benefits in a manner hitherto unseen. As pioneers in reshaping the airport experience landscape in India, we are now extending premium travel and lifestyle services to a broader clientele. I view the DreamFolks Club as pivotal in embodying our founding principle – making premium travel and lifestyle experiences accessible to everyone.”

The DreamFolks Club boasts four distinct card variants, commencing with the Aspire package, offering premium travel through complimentary airport lounge access in India, catering perfectly to frequent travellers seeking comfort and convenience. The Premium package expands the range of services by granting access to global airport lounges, discounted lounge purchases, and exclusive deals on various travel and lifestyle services. Elevating the luxury quotient, the Select package includes complimentary services such as beauty & grooming, floral gifting, and healthcare in addition to access to airport and railway lounges. The epitome of luxury is embodied in the Elite package, providing global airport lounge access, golf course privileges, and a plethora of premium lifestyle services.

Sandeep Sonawane, Chief Business Officer at DreamFolks, introduced the innovative DreamFolks Corporate Membership program, stating, “Through our innovative DreamFolks Corporate Membership program, we’re excited to offer a powerful tool for businesses to elevate their relationships with key stakeholders. These curated travel and lifestyle experience bundles provide an effortless solution for companies to incentivise, reward, and attract employees, customers, and channel partners, thus enhancing customer retention and loyalty. It also elevates your brand’s perception as a premium one, enabling companies to drive brand preference.”

The launch of the DreamFolks Club marks a revolutionary shift in the travel landscape, democratising access to a world of premium services and experiences. With its diverse range of packages and business-friendly solutions, the DreamFolks Club is set to transform the way people travel, ensuring that comfort, convenience, and luxury are no longer exclusive privileges but accessible to all.