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DRUMROLLS: First travel trade convention of 2020 is set to roll

Outbound Tour Operators Association of India (OTOAI) is all set for its 5th Annual Convention in Antalya, Turkey from March 15-18, 2020 at Titanic Mardan Palace. Going with the current scenario, the theme of the convention is ‘Creating Travel Synergies For Millennials’. Keeping the theme as focus, the business sessions are planned and will be moderated by experts from the Indian & global travel industry.

The topics of the Knowledge talks will be:-

  • Millennial Travellers and their expectations
  • Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) changing the face of the Travel Industry?
  • Challenges of Outbound Tourism and their Solutions
  • Digital Technology and tourism: Way Forward

Giving out more information on the convention, Himanshu Patil, Vice President, OTOAI & Convention Chairman, OTOAI Convention 2020 said, “An array of very important topics will be the talk of the hour and a lot of knowledge will be shared during the event which cannot be missed. It will be a perfect event for all the attendees to get in touch with their peers and contemporaries to spend quality time improving business networks and also meet local agents and vendors of Turkey. And ultimately have a really fun time enjoying the unique Mediterranean climate and beautiful sites of Turkey.”

Talking about the convention being hosted by Turkey, Komal Seth, Director, Linkin Reps (Manages PR & Media Representation for Turkey in India) said, “With OTOAI Convention 2020, we are expecting visibility & exposure of new travel products in Turkey. This convention also marks the assurance of OTOAI believing in Turkey as a great tourist destination. Trade conventions like these, opens up new business relationships, avenues and accelerates the on-going business growth. We will be discussing common agendas and interest to further improve our travel business opportunities.”