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Embrace German Nature: New Tourism Campaign by German National Tourism Board in India

Recognising an increased demand for outdoor experiences this summer among visitors from the Indian market, the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) is debuting the brand-new Embrace German Nature campaign that focuses on highlighting sustainable, open-air activities.

Germany is home to more than 130 protected natural landscapes, including a plethora of stunning forests, lakes, valleys, and hiking and cycling trails just waiting to be explored. It also boasts three UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites, 16 UNESCO biosphere reserves, 16 national parks, and 106 nature reserves.

“Indian travellers are keen to visit countries that possess ideal summer climates with a wide range of things to do,” said Romit Theophilus, Director – German National Tourist Office, India (GNTO). He further said, “Germany’s diverse selection of outdoor activities ensures something for everyone, from hiking trails to relaxing spa towns. Our Embrace German Nature campaign will improve access to and information about these opportunities even further, in a sustainable way.”

Four unique picks that fit the campaign are:

The Bavarian Forest National Park

Visitors can explore this natural space, which is left to grow without any human interference, across hiking routes, cycle paths and skiing trails spanning several hundred kilometres. The treetop trail is just one example of the fun adventure routes also available. Whichever route visitors decide to take, a view of the Alps is guaranteed.

Rhine Castles Trail

The Rhine Castles Trail is the little brother of the Rheinsteig, a trail which unfolds on the other side of the river. Travellers can even make up their own route and cross the Rhine on a vessel. On the Rhine Castles Trail, the trip starts at the Mouse Tower in Bingen in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site , extending all the way to Koblenz. One can naturally see a lot of castles on the route – around 20 in total, and also visit some of the castle grounds. Wine is another major theme along the Rhine Castles Trail.

Berlin-Copenhagen Cycle route

The cycle route promises a cycling adventure between Berlin and Copenhagen that is sure to be anything but exciting. Cyclists will head across the water to Denmark via Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.


Baden-Baden, a chic little town in the south of Germany, is surrounded by stunning scenery and is home to stylish hotels, lush green spaces and no end of health offerings.  Whether visitors head to the health clinic, spa or wellness hotel, they are sure to find an outstanding selection of exclusively tailored treatments waiting for them.