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Finland Travel Pro – Destination specialist platform by Finland Tourism

Finland Travel Pro is Visit Finland’s new destination e-training platform. On the platform, travel industry
professionals around the world can learn about Finnish touristic attractions, what to do during all four seasons and get an overview of Finnish tourism companies. Currently, the platform is available in English but will later be launched also in German, French, Spanish and Japanese. In addition to the desktop version, Finland Travel Pro is also available as a mobile application. The platform is targeted at international travel trade companies globally and it aims to increase the desire to promote and sell travel to Finland. The users of the platform are international tour operators, wholesalers, travel agencies and online travel agencies.

The platform is divided into five sections: learn, retain, promote, sell and directory.

The ‘learn’ section consists of five interactive learning modules: Finland in general, Helsinki, Coast & Archipelago, Lakeland and Lapland. One will be granted access to the next module when the previous one is cleared. One module takes around 15 minutes to clear. Each module consists of several sections, introducing main attractions and activities of the region, local culture and cuisine, accommodation alternatives and events of each region. Between the articles, there are several short quizzes in each module. After completing all five modules, one is granted a Finland Travel Pro certificate.

In the ‘retain’ section, one can review the five learning modules freely according to their interests.

The ‘promote’ section includes materials and photos to be shared with clients and prospects to create more interest. Some examples of the materials are a general handbook about Finland, a guide to Finnish food culture, selected images from Visit Finland media bank and links to social media.

In ‘sell’, one can find useful materials and links to support closing the deals, including itinerary suggestions, maps of Finland, regional sales brochures and contact information.

Finally, in the ‘directory’, one can easily look for information on individual tourism products available around Finland from hotels to restaurants to activities and unique experiences. The directory is directly linked to Visit Finland Datahub, meaning that the product information added to Datahub by Finnish travel industry companies can directly be browsed in Finland Travel Pro. The user can browse the contents using keywords and filters to find the kind of product and content they are looking for.

Travel experts can register on for this programme.