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Havila Kystruten – a Norwegian shipping company enters the Indian market

Havila Kystruten is a Norwegian shipping company that sails the classic coastal journey between Bergen and Kirkenes the Norwegian coasts. Havila Kystruten is part of the Havila group. Havila is now a group that operates in ship technology, offshore, transport and tourism.

New Delhi-based experiential and adventure tour operating company, Holiday Moods Adventures Pvt Ltd, has been appointed distributor in India by the Havila Kystruten Operations AS (Norway) for its Havila Cruise bookings.

Tejbir Singh Anand, Managing Director, Holiday Moods Adventures Pvt Ltd says, “It’s a great honour and a proud privilege to be associated with the Havila group and the journeys ahead seem very exciting to distribute Havila cruises inventory in India.”

Sharing her views, Arshdeep Anand, Director, Holiday Moods Adventures Pvt Ltd, commented, “Being an experiential and adventure tour operating company, it gives us an advantage of understanding the product better. The sailings on offer range from a day trip to 11 nights onboard the cruise ships. More than the cruise experience, the experience of activities in the arctic outdoors that Havila cruise ships offer is more exciting.”

Holiday Moods Adventures takes pride in offering unique immersive adventure tours showcasing travel chronicles and inspiring journeys. The trips are led by knowledgeable guides who are local experts on activities, food, history and the culture. The philosophy revolves around showcasing our destinations by stimulating your senses through exotic smells, delectable tastes and soulful sounds patronising slow travel which will retain amazing memories. From leisurely walks beside pristine lakes to gentle rambles across quaint little towns, discover mesmerising natural wonders and interesting facets of delightful places. From expeditions cruises to the arctic & polar regions to the luxurious ships across seas. From the snow-clad peaks to big jungle cats on scenic wildlife safaris, taking blood-pumping treks high in the mountains, or simply inhaling pine-scented air on meditative forest walks, a bounty of outdoor travel itineraries are on offer.

Havila Cruises will offer four new identical ships, loaded with the world’s largest battery pack which will sail noiselessly without emissions through the endangered and vulnerable fjords for 4 hours, caring for nature and topping up the visitors’ experience. The batteries will recharge with clean hydropower when low and will switch to LNG natural gas cutting CO2 levels by 25% or so. All the ship’s internal décor has been inspired by natural elements – sea, sky, mountains and glaciers. Havila vessels are small identical ships, with the capacity of 179 cabins for 640 passengers light-footed and smooth enough to sail through inter-connecting fjords within touching distance of the islands. With Scandinavian style interiors, Havila ships’ decor are pleasing and unfussy and one of the most eco-friendly at sea with the world’s largest battery pack to enable zero-emission sailing in fjords offering a very peaceful and relaxed environment.

At present Norway has no vaccines or test entrance requirements at the moment and masks are not required anywhere, including on Havila Capella, although some people continue to wear them.