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India-based Cordelia Cruises sailing to the Middle East from June 2024

Cordelia Cruises, as the sole cruise brand in India, is eagerly preparing to offer Indian travellers a unique global experience. Starting in June 2023, the cruise company will embark on voyages to Sri Lanka, presenting a variety of itineraries.

Cordelia Cruise Dubai sailings

Furthermore, they have recently disclosed plans to introduce seasonal sailings to the Middle East from June 2024. The sailing will start from Mumbai and encompass captivating destinations such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain. The itineraries will range from 3 to 7 nights, offering a diverse selection for travellers (the final itinerary details will be released soon as the brand finalizes its plans). Despite presently possessing a solitary vessel, The Empress, the brand intends to augment its fleet with the induction of additional ships in the coming months, thereby expanding its operations.

The Middle East cruise market is experiencing remarkable growth, driven by prominent destinations such as Dubai and Qatar. These destinations are betting big on the cruise market and are actively inviting international cruise operators to establish a presence in their market. Cordelia Cruises, despite facing formidable competition from larger global brands operating in the region, will set itself apart by entering the market during the summer season, while the others primarily focus on winter sailings.

Jurgen Bailom, President & CEO, Cordelia Cruises said, “The ultimate plan is to introduce extensive Asian cruise itineraries that span 180 days, encompassing destinations ranging from Egypt to Africa, continuing on to Singapore, and finally returning to India. In the next five years, Cordelia Cruises will be operating multiple fleets sailing across the world, giving Indians a global cruise expereince in India style.”

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