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Indian overnight stays in Germany tripled in 2022

In 2022, Germany witnessed a 209% surge in overnight stays by Indian tourists compared to the previous year, as per the latest data from the German National Tourist Board.

The joint press conference between the German National Tourist Office (GNTO) and the German Embassy in India successfully promoted Germany as a top destination for Indian travellers. Held at the German Embassy in New Delhi, the event was attended by Indian media representatives.

The conference aimed to spotlight Germany’s allure as a must-visit locale boasting 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, emphasising its natural wonders and commitment to sustainability. The GNTO seeks to attract Indian explorers drawn to Germany’s scenic landscapes, charming villages, and forward-looking eco-tourism practices.

During 2022, Indians spent a total of 623,363 nights in Germany (compared to 201,194 in 2021), though it has yet to surpass the record of 961,656 set in 2019.

Romit Theophilus, Director India, German National Tourist Office, noted, “While we haven’t reached the 2019 level, we’ve already achieved 65% of it in 2022, indicating a strong rebound as Indians resume travel. The demand among Indians for international travel is substantial.” Theophilus further highlighted Germany’s appeal to Indians interested in culture, history, city breaks, and culinary experiences, expressing optimism for recovery in the post-pandemic period.

Adding to the discussion, Theophilus emphasised, “Germany’s tourism industry places a strong emphasis on sustainability. We are confident that India’s travellers, who are increasingly seeking responsible options, will resonate with Germany’s natural beauty, innovative eco-tourism practices, and rich cultural heritage. This conference serves as an inspiration for the media to portray Germany as the perfect sustainable travel destination.”

The trend towards sustainable travel is gaining momentum and finding favour among Indian tourists. The shift in preferences among global travellers vividly illustrates the transformation in travel behaviour since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a notable tilt towards greater sustainability.

This inclination towards sustainability is evident in the Sustainable Travel Report 2022 by, which highlights a growing desire among Indians for eco-friendly travel. The report indicates that 97 percent of respondents expressed their intention to travel more sustainably in the upcoming year.