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Luxury Cruise Ship Cordelia Arrives in Kochi To Grand Welcome As Tourism Sector Reopens

As the Covid-19 situation is somewhat stable in India, the travel sector is slowly improving across the country. Now, in a piece of good news in the post-pandemic world, a luxury cruise ship from Mumbai, Cordelia reached the shores of Kochi on September 22, marking the reopening of the coronavirus-hit tourism sector in the Southern state.

The luxury liner MV Empress, owned by Cordelia Cruises, had on board over 1,200 travellers from across various states. The on-shore tour will help travellers explore the surreal beauty, beaches, and centers of rich cultural and historical significance in the port city.

Kerala Tourism Minister P A Mohamed Riyas said the arrival of domestic tourists marks a promising start to the full-scale resumption of Kerala Tourism, overcoming the pandemic-induced crisis.

The luxury line was anchored at Cochin Port and was received by locals with great enthusiasm. The tourists were then taken to Mattancherry and Fort Kochi.

“This trend is set to gain pace in the coming days. Kerala is a safe and secure place for the lock-down weary vacationers to come as we have put in place an efficient and meticulous bio-bubble model to create protective layers of inoculated service providers to receive and host tourists,” Minister said.

“Cordelia Cruises is grateful for the kind and warm reception extended to us by Kerala Tourism. Together, we hope to bring new dawn on the travel and hospitality industry in India and do hope the world takes notice and travels to our Subcontinent to experience our offerings which are, both, international quality and have a local soul. With promising collaborations such as these, we will bring a new way of touring breathtaking locales along with enjoying fresh flavours of entertainment for our guests. We are tirelessly curating a plethora of experiences for the same,” the company said in a release.