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Meha Desai Vashi, Nivalink #RiseLikeAPhoenix

‘Hustle like you have no friends and grind like no one has your back.’

With Masters in Environmental biotechnology, Meha Desai Vashi, Director, Nivalink was born and raised in a small town in Gujarat. She worked with few MNCs in her field of expertise and later moved to Mumbai. Married in 1999, she took a sabbatical from work to start a family. Her husband (Niraj Vashi) owned a dot com company and soon realised his calling from travel and started his own travel portal in 2001.

“During my sabbatical, I helped my husband build content for this travel portal which was focused on domestic travel. In 2007, I started working full time to launch our international holiday vertical. It was then that the going got tough for us. I mean, we had no friends in the trade, no contacts with DMCs, international hotel chains or even tourism boards. I soon realised that they all work in a close circuit and prefer their own friends and known people to do business with. It was that time when I decided that I will hustle until I no longer have to introduce myself,” said Meha.

To make your place in the industry is not easy but is it worth it? Absolutely. Meha further said, “I still remember being treated as ‘Oh, you are just into domestic as of now?’ attitude. That’s the attitude which can break your motivation and shatter your aspirations. Well, I soon realised I had to stop being distracted by the things that had nothing to do with my goals. I mean, either you work hard or pay heed to what people think about you.”

Today, Meha manages a travel company which focuses more on experiences and travel content than selling usual travel packages.

Learn to starve your distractions and feed your focus. Once you are focused, nothing can stop you and you will #RiseLikeAPhoenix. So, ignore the noise and focus on your work.
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