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More than 4000+ hotels now signed up with StreetGooser

Not yet two years old and 4,000 strong! Launched in December 2019, StreetGooser, a Cloud-based accommodation management system has enrolled 4,000 hotels eager to use its array of cutting-edge technology products. Not yet a toddler in human terms, StreetGooser has even signed up revenue management companies, associations and hotel aggregators, and many more are queuing up, confident in the knowledge that StreetGooser delivers on its promise.


Essentially, StreetGooser is a one-stop-shop, crafted to make life easier for small to mid-sized accommodation providers. Now more and more hotels, hostels, serviced apartments, vacation rentals, guest houses, villas, bed & breakfasts, resorts and villas across the globe are embracing this new technology and arming themselves with the tools to run their businesses smoothly and efficiently.
This innovative start-up is the brainchild of three out-of-the-box thinkers and pioneers, SHAKTHIVELU.M, John Varghese and Deenath Sharma who collectively bring to the table over half a century of experience and expertise in travel, tourism, airlines, hospitality, entertainment and IT sectors. StreetGooser is also a child of the pandemic in a sense.


With travel and tourism having been dealt a crippling blow during global lockdowns amidst a raging pandemic, the trio felt that user-friendly technology could be harnessed in a world where social distancing has become mandatory. And as social distancing may continue to be a way of life in the near future, too, opting for StreetGooser’s unique Cloud-based Accommodation Management software system has become compelling.

“Four thousand hotels prove that we have delivered what we promised – smooth operations and drastic reduction of costs, without sacrificing quality and functionality,” says SHAKTHIVELU.M, Managing Director and Co-Founder, StreetGooser.

Hailing from small villages, the pioneering trio quickly scaled the global corporate ladder and now have a bird’s eye view of Tier 3 towns and small hamlets that are uniquely positioned to offer off-beat holidays to city slickers but do not have the technological know-how to reach out to their target market.

“Today, digital technology has become the backbone of almost every industry. We provide custom-made technology support to small and mid-sized hoteliers to run their business smoothly and in a more organized manner. This allows them to enjoy both comfort and profit.” said SHAKTHIVELU.M. Indeed, most technology providers have large hotels in their crosshairs and are expensive for smaller hoteliers.

“Plus, their technology may have extraneous features that smaller accommodation providers would not need,” said John Varghese N, CEO & Co-Founder, StreetGooser. “Accommodation providers have now realized that if you can use Facebook, then you can easily use our platform,” he adds.

StreetGooser’s platform offers hoteliers the option of divorcing themselves from overseeing operations personally and to grasp instead of the freedom that comes with controlling and managing their daily tasks with state-of-the-art technology and the ability to work remotely.

Deenath Sharma, Chief Technology Officer, StreetGooser said, “Thanks to our multi-lingual software, our partners can manage multiple properties, business relations, guests, travel agents and corporate clients 24/7. The Cloud also ensures security by securing important data and records via a heightened security architecture.”

“More and more accommodating providers have realized that using this platform is not rocket science,” says Hema Manghnani, Vice-President – Business Development, StreetGooser whose impeccable credentials include two decades in the travel and tourism industry, Her mission is to expand StreetGooser’s global footprint in terms of marketing and client base, identify new business avenues and revenue models. She explains, “All you need is a computer, tablet and a strong internet connection and hoteliers can master and navigate the technology very easily. What’s more? product training is provided to partners by StreetGooser experts.”

A centralized dashboard offers an in-built front desk management system, channel manager (to connect with OTAs worldwide), company and agent profiling, housekeeping supervision, rate shopper, invoicing, website building, booking engine, reports and analytics, feedback and review support, etc. Most importantly, the platform has 24/7 live chat support and a dedicated account manager to swiftly assist with getting a property on board, dashboard training or keeping clients abreast of market trends.