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‘Perfect Match’: An apt campaign to find your right DMC partner

The Digital Travellers has launched its latest campaign for the Indian travel trade industry, ‘Perfect Match’ – a multi-media campaign that lists down the leading DMC operators from a particular destination who understands and caters to the Indian travel needs. The campaign launched this week has been created on the insight that most of the travel experts are looking out for DMC operators and partners by asking for assistance, reference, recommendations and feedback from another travel expert/operator.

With this campaign, travel trade professionals can easily find their right DMC partners as the list will feature more than 10 DMC operators from each destination catering to every segment of travellers. The company has partnered with VisaLounge to bring in correct and latest visa information for each destination and OneAbove as a DMC expert as the company is one of the leading DMC based in India for over 90 countries.

Speaking about the campaign, Kunal Sampat, India Head – Sales, VisaLounge said, “The first step to any international travel is securing the visa for your client’s desired destination – A step which is irreplaceable. In the current times, visa norms and regulations for countries are changing rapidly. In such a situation, travel experts are looking for assistance from visa experts like Visa Lounge who guide them by providing the latest and updated information on visa rules and travel guidelines for every destination.”

He further said, “The purpose of this campaign fits in perfectly in today’s scenario, as travel experts who are looking for a DMC partner to make their client’s dream destination come true, information on relevant visas & travel guidelines will be provided by Visa Lounge parallel’y ensuring that your client’s journey to their dream destination comes true.”

B. A. Rahim, Founder & Consultant, OneAbove said: “It’s been a challenging year for everyone in tourism but with international borders opening slowly, we are looking forward to better times ahead. With the new norm in place, it is tough to find the right business partner on the other side of the world and trust them with your client. We, at OneAbove, provide professional services with our destination experts offering local knowledge and resources for tours, transportation, events, and activities.”

Adding further on the “Perfect Match’ campaign, he said, “Finding the right DMC partner is as difficult as finding a life partner. Both have the power to either make or break your business and life respectively. OneAbove believes in healthy competition and with the ‘Perfect Match’ campaign, we will be listed along with multiple other DMC operators catering to that specific destination/country. We look forward to encouraging travel experts to choose OneAbove as their ‘Perfect DMC Partner’ and I can guarantee that we will keep up with their expectations and provide the best service possible.”

Anita Jain Shah, Managing Editor, The Digital Travellers said, “It is very unusual that over the years, nobody has thought of curating a list of DMC operators for the travel professionals in India. Hence, through this campaign, we intend to reduce the gap by listing down the top DMC operators and experts for multiple destinations. To start with, we are looking at countries with high visa applications for tourism purposes (like UAE, Turkey, Switzerland, France, UK, Germany, Russia, USA, Oman, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Thailand, etc) and move on with countries which are opening their borders for Indian travellers.”

Starting with 10 destinations (one for each week), the campaign will feature close to 30 destinations in the next few months. The company is working closely with respective national tourism boards to ensure the authenticity of all the listed DMC operators. For the latest updates on visa regulations for international destinations, follow ‘VisaLounge” on social media. If you are looking for a perfect DMC operator as a partner, connect with ‘OneAbove DMC‘ today. Last but not the least, follow ‘The Digital Travellers‘ for unique travel features, stories and content which you can use.