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Ratna Chadha of TIRUN Travel Marketing Envisions a Sea Change in Indian Cruising Trends

Ratna Chadha, Chairperson of TIRUN Travel Marketing, unveils a compelling narrative on the evolving landscape of cruising in the Indian mindset. With a sea change underway, Chadha notes the proximity of brands and strategic investments by cruise giants like the Royal Caribbean Cruises Group, signalling a transformative era for Indian cruise enthusiasts.

Ratna Chadha, Chairperson, TIRUN Travel Marketing

“Cruising in the Indian mindset is going through a sea change,” states Chadha, emphasising the impact of brands coming closer to home. With notable investments in new builds, including the latest, largest, and unique cruise ships, Chadha envisions a scenario where Indians, like their global counterparts, can fulfill their aspirations in an environment that is not only safe and secure but also sustainable.

“As India catapults to the 3rd largest economy in the world, Indians will be spoilt for choice,” Chadha predicts. The burgeoning economy sets the stage for a cruise industry boom, with cruise lines compelled to bring their brands closer to the thriving Indian market.

Chadha, recognising the pivotal role of service providers and the government, emphasises the need to harness strengths to ride this impending wave. “We, as service providers along with the government, need to harness our strengths to ride the wave,” she notes, underscoring the collaborative efforts required to facilitate the seamless integration of India into the global cruising landscape.

Ratna Chadha’s insights position TIRUN Travel Marketing as a key player in shaping the future of cruising in India, reflecting a commitment to providing Indian travellers with unparalleled choices and experiences as cruising takes centre stage in the country’s travel preferences.