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Reena Sachdev, Travel Arena #RiseLikeAPhoenix

Sometimes you gotta be a beauty and a beast, says Reena Sachdev, Director, Travel Arena who claims to be one of the youngest Assistant Manager – Products at one of the leading tour companies in India at a mere age of 24.

For someone who experienced corporate world politics in that age; it was not easy to trust the crazy world out there. Started in the travel industry at 21, Reena started Travel Arena at the age of 24 when most people are learning about the business. It was of course not an easy decision as she went against her dad’s advice who asked her to continue with her job with a travel company.

During her initial years, people either treated her like a kid or just ‘another pretty face’. “Nobody took me seriously as I was too young. Luckily, my partner – Alifiyah Lokdawala (whose now moved to New Zealand) was almost 6-8 years elder than me which made people trust our company. Over the years, I’ve learned one thing – we gotta boss up to build the life we want.”

“I still remember when one of our partner agent visited our Bandra office which was in a residential area. He mocked & laughed at me saying I should close this and rent a desk at his office. Harsh words break no bones but sometimes they do break dreams,” said Reena.

But do you know what she replied? She said, “The best thing someone can do is tell me that I can’t do something. Thanks for the spark and now I will light the fire.

Today, Reena owns one of the popular luxury travel companies which specialises in niche holiday experiences. She concluded by saying, “It’s ok to be proud of hard earned success. There is no shame in being a boss.”

Avoid those who insult you, attack you, belittle you or take you for granted. They don’t know that those things are just making you stronger and wiser. #BeYourOwnHero and focus on your business and after this pandemic, you will #RiseLikeAPhoenix.

Reena Sachdev, Director, Travel Arena


Reena Sachdev, Director, Travel Arena