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Resorts World Cruises to homeport in the Arabian Gulf this winter

May 14, 2024 | Press Release

Resorts World Cruises announced its expansion into the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman with the launch of the Resorts World One cruise ship. Commencing on October 18, 2024, Resorts World One will embark on a 6-month homeport deployment in Dubai, UAE, offering an array of captivating itineraries.

The Resorts World One will serve as a beacon of luxury and exploration, introducing a diverse selection of cruises tailored to cater to various preferences. Guests will have the opportunity to embark on a 2 Night Sir Bani Yas Weekend Cruise departing on Fridays, a 3 Night Oman Cruise to Khasab and Muscat departing on Sundays, and a 2 Night Doha Cruise departing on Wednesdays. For those seeking an extended voyage, the flexibility to combine itineraries allows for an enriching experience spanning 4, 5, or 7 nights.

Michael Goh, President, Resorts World Cruises, expressed his enthusiasm for this new venture, stating, “We are excited to introduce the Resorts World Cruises brand to the Arabian Gulf with the Resorts World One cruise ship. As an international cruise line that is homegrown in Asia, we have decades of valuable experience in the cruise and hospitality sector, especially in catering to the needs of different ethnic and religious markets.”

The decision to expand operations to Dubai and Doha signifies a strategic partnership between Resorts World Cruises and local authorities, showcasing the region’s commitment to fostering tourism growth. With an anticipated 75 calls in the region and an estimated 150,000 passengers over the 6-month period, Resorts World One is poised to significantly contribute to the development of cruise tourism in the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman.

Saud Hareb Almheiri, Cruise Tourism & Yachting Lead, Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), commended the collaboration, stating, “Resorts World Cruises has further highlighted Dubai’s position as the cruise capital of the region. This development will drive increased visitation, enrich the tourism landscape, and contribute towards the city’s economic growth.”

Abdullah Yousuf, Director of International Operations, DCT Abu Dhabi, highlighted the allure of Sir Bani Yas Island as a captivating stopover for cruise travellers, offering unparalleled experiences amidst nature and wildlife.

Similarly, Visit Qatar and the Omani Ministry of Heritage and Tourism expressed their anticipation for the influx of cruise travellers, emphasising the opportunity to showcase the rich cultural heritage and hospitality of their respective destinations.

Resorts World Cruises ensures a welcoming environment for diverse travellers, with the Resorts World One receiving the official OIC/SMIIC Standard Halal-Friendly Cruise Ship certification. This certification ensures access to certified Halal-Friendly offerings onboard, catering to the needs of Muslim travellers. Additionally, specialised vegetarian selections will be available to accommodate travellers’ preferences.

As Resorts World Cruises ventures into this new frontier, the company remains committed to delivering exceptional service and experiences that resonate with travellers worldwide.