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Saudia’s Recent Rebranding Elevates Its Commitment towards Luxury Travel Experiences

January 25, 2024 | Press Release

In the wake of its recent rebranding, Saudia, the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, has intensified its commitment to providing an extraordinary travel experience, particularly for those who aspire to the pinnacle of luxury in the skies. The rebranding signifies a strategic shift towards a more refined, digitalized and elevated services, with a heightened emphasis on passenger satisfaction. From new brand identity, livery, revamped in-flight services to enhanced ground experiences, Saudia is placing a premium on every aspect of the traveler’s journey.

Here are some of Saudia’s premium services, exemplifying its dedication to redefine the standards above the clouds.

ALTANFEETHI Premium Service:

Embark on an unparalleled travel journey with ALTANFEETHI, Saudi Arabia’s exclusive service that unfolds a distinctive experience across more than 27 executive private terminals. From arrival to departure, experience luxury at every step. Enjoy exclusive amenities like a private terminal, Meet & Greet, and Fast Track check-in. Benefit from private transportation, efficient baggage handling, and world-class hospitality. A dedicated personal assistant, nearby private parking, and access to a fully-equipped business center ensure a seamless and opulent journey. ALTANFEETHI is committed to delivering an unparalleled travel experience from start to finish.

Saudia’s First Suite & Business Class: A Symphony of Comfort and Luxury

Indulge in Saudia’s First Class Suite—a private oasis featuring an 82″ seat, 23″ HD screen, and 5000 hours of entertainment. Stay productive with a 24″x24.5″ table and Wi-Fi. When it’s time to unwind, your cabin crew transforms your space into a comfortable bed with exclusive Porsche Design pyjamas. Contributing to enhancing operational excellence and elevating the guests’ travel experience, Saudia Technic, a Saudia Group subsidiary, is upgrading First Suites on its Boeing 777 fleet to boost operational excellence and enhance guest experiences. The successful completion of the HZ-AK37 aircraft upgrade marks the beginning of this project, tailored for long-haul and direct Saudia flights. Plans are in place to extend these enhancements to the remaining nine aircraft of the same model.

Saudia’s Business Class is tailored for discerning travellers, creating an ambiance ideal for both relaxation and productivity. Featuring full-flat beds and a spacious 17-inch HD screen offering 5000 hours of entertainment, the priority is efficiency, friendliness, and unobtrusive service, respecting passengers’ personal space. Enjoy a warm welcome with cardamom-flavoured Arabic coffee, dates, and fresh fruit juices. The generously reclining seats provide ample legroom, comparable to other airlines’ First Class. Adjustable padded wings and ergonomically-designed seats ensure maximum comfort for long-haul flights.

Saudia Airport Lounges: A Tranquil Haven of Sophistication

As an extension of the premium travel experience, Saudia’s airport lounges, including the AlFursan lounges and SkyTeam Lounges provide a seamless transition from the bustling airport environment to a tranquil haven of sophistication. These exclusive spaces are designed to offer premium class passengers a retreat where they can unwind, refresh, and enjoy personalized services before their flight. The lounges reflect Saudia’s commitment to creating an oasis of comfort and luxury for its discerning travellers.

For passengers seeking the finest in air travel, Saudia’s premium classes, onboard services, and airport lounges promise a journey that transcends expectations and celebrates the true essence of luxury.