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SKAL India Congress to be held in Mumbai from September 16-18, 2022

With the National Congress scheduled to be held in September this year in Bombay, the board members of Skal International Bombay (144) headed by Sunil Va, President, Skal International Bombay 144 had the privilege to host the Carl Vaz, National President, SKAL India and the National Board on February 25, 2022. The main agenda of the meeting was to present a plan for the National Congress and to organise the event in a focused and systematic manner. Everyone congregated on February 25, 2022 at the Novotel Imagicaa in Khopoli situated along the Mumbai – Pune Expressway, next to the Imagicaa Theme Park which is India’s only international theme park. 

SKAL India Congress 2022 1

The meeting was well attended, a collective photo opportunity took place, both President Sk. Sunil VA and National President Sk. Carl Vaz welcomed everyone and introduced their respective board members with the proceedings getting underway with Chairman, National Congress and Events Director, Skal Club of Bombay (144) Sk. Sunita Amarnani making an elaborate presentation on the events planned for the forthcoming National Congress. The National Board members then provided their feedback on the presentation, event dates, how it could be further enhanced and foster unity among the clubs and its members.  

The dawn of the new year didn’t turn out to be promising as expected, owing to the Omicron virus which ushered in the third wave and proved to be a mood dampener of sorts. With the surge in the number of cases, the Club could not go ahead as planned with the event in January and hence it was postponed to February.

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The event entitled ‘Reunite With Families’ was organised with the sole purpose of bringing all the members together in a united and positive frame of mind, along with their respective families to spend a relaxing day of fun and frolic at the first physical event of 2022.

The official logo of the forthcoming National Congress was launched amid much pomp and fanfare. The Pune Club headed by President, Sk. Avijit Chaturvedi along with the members were also invited to the event and were warmly welcomed as well. With this event, six new members joined the club further increasing the strength of the Skal Club of Bombay (144) to 174 members.