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Streetgooser aims at reducing cost for accommodation providers through technology

Bengaluru based Streetgooser Technology Pvt. Ltd., a cloud-based Hotel Management Software domain, is focused on supporting accommodation providers across the globe by curating a range of dynamic and easy to use tech solutions. With severe global lockdowns in place and social distancing becoming the norm everywhere, a key focus has been on developing and utilizing technology that would not only help maintain the social distancing rules during and post-pandemic times but also make all operations seamless while saving costs.

The company offers four product lines namely:

  1. StreetGooser (accommodation management solution designed for small and mid-sized properties)
  2. Powergooser (revenue management solution coupled with skilled revenue manager to increase profits)
  3. Gogooser (an online marketplace that drives bookings with less commission)
  4. PowerGooser Plus (a digital marketing service)

In a mega initiative to fight the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and give back to the travel fraternity, Streetgooser has also pledged FOC technology support to the hotel industry for a limited time period. This will not only enable accommodation providers to tide through the financial crisis created by the pandemic but also offer them a chance to get familiar with the Streetgooser software at no charge and choose from a wide suite of solutions to effectively manage their operations, market their properties and sell their inventory during the lockdown.

Shakthivelu M, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Steetgooser commented, “I intended to do something in terms of giving back to the travel & hospitality industry so it can get back on track swiftly. And that’s when I met and collaborated with John Varghese and Deenath Sharma. We decided to join hands with our hoteliers through innovation and technical support. The result is Streetgooser which will help hoteliers technically to run their business better, with less expenditure and more profit.”

John Varghese, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Streetgooser said, “Our vast global exposure coupled with extensive and in-depth research with the hospitality industry has helped us design a unique & contemporary PMS system. In a sense, you can say it was ‘Made by Hoteliers, for Hoteliers’. We offer a vibrant range of solutions dedicated to effortlessly manage the diverse needs of accommodation providers around the world. Our dynamic pricing and free PMS plus App offering would be unrivalled in the industry today and showcases our commitment to the travel fraternity.”

Deenath Sharma, Chief Technology Officer, Streetgooser added, “Both large and small hoteliers who have shifted to the Streetgooser platform are already witnessing a big rise in productivity. All they require is a computer, tablet and a steady internet connection. The multi-device, state-of-the-art UI ensures that hoteliers can navigate and master the technology within 15 minutes. With its multi-lingual software, accommodation providers can manage multiple properties, operations, business relations, guests, travel agents and corporate clients from anywhere 24X7. The cloud also ensures heightened security by safeguarding important data and records via an advanced security architecture.”

Currently, the company caters to homestays, B&Bs, guest houses, serviced apartments & vacation rentals, boutique hotels, resorts, villas and hostels.