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Take the most scenic rail route in Europe on board this train

For travel experts looking for a beautiful train journey for a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience for their clients in Europe / Switzerland, here is the answer – The Bernina Express awaits!

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Being a part of the Rhaetian Railway, the Bernina Express isn’t just a throwback to a different era of travel, it’s a throwback to when travel was meant to wow us. Frequently named Europe’s most scenic train ride, the Bernina Express is a romantic throwback to the golden age of European rail travel, when the journey was the destination. In just four hours, it takes you from the town of Chur, through the tight valleys of Switzerland’s Graubünden canton, past glaciers and over the highest railway pass in Europe, into the Italian town of Tirano, where in summer you can even find palm trees.

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Represented by KKR World in India, the Rhaetian Railway owns the largest network of all private railway operators in Switzerland. 

Bernina Express highlights

Switzerland’s Bernina Express route runs from Chur and St Moritz in the east of the small country, before crossing the northern Italian border to Tirano. This fascinating four-hour train ride negotiates 55 tunnels, and 196 bridges and takes in three of Switzerland’s four language regions (Italian, Romansh and German) while allowing you to experience a UNESCO World Heritage Site (the line from Thusis – Valposchiavo – Tirano) up close.

Speaking about the product and Indian market, Sebastian Blattler, Market Manager – Asia Pacific, Rhaetian Railway said, “Most of the Indian travellers visit the usual top 3-4 popular destinations and are well versed with our Glacier Express train route. However, we want to position St.Moritz as a must-visit destination which has the reputation of being a very premium destination and thus missed by many travellers. I think every traveller must experience the destination through our iconic Bernina Express.”

He further informed that Rhaetian Railway also has a selection of culinary and historic highlights to offer to FITs and group travellers. It runs daily historic rail journeys around Davos and for culinary experiences, the art deco style ‘Gourmino’ dining cars between Chur and St Moritz.

“We also run weekly culinary-themed rail cruises through Graubunden, such as our Arosa Gourmet Express and the Whisky Gourmet Express,” said Blattler.

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The Albula and Bernina stretches of the Rhaetian Railway are one of only three railway lines worldwide which are listed as Unesco World Heritage sites. Train travel in Switzerland combines stunning scenery with the highest level of convenience, informed Kunal Kothari, CEO, KKR World.

Kothari said, “Apart from offering one of the most scenic rail experiences in the world, we also have open scenic carriages along with the entire network and through the Rhine Gorge. India is one of the top source markets for Switzerland in Asia and I intend in make Rhaetian Railway a must-experience part of every Indian traveller’s itinerary to Switzerland.”

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