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This is how Global Dream cruise will enhance cruising experience for Indians

Genting Cruise Lines will soon introduce Global Dream, Dream Cruises' first global class ship expected to touch Asian waters by 2021. Genting is building two 208,000 gross ton Global Class ships, each having the capacity to house 9,000 passengers across 2,350 cabins, which will make it the largest passenger cruise ship in the world. Also, it is the largest ship to be built in the German shipyard MV Werften (which is owned by Genting Cruise Lines) and will be home-ported in Asia.

Global Dream will belong to a new generation of cruise ships designed for Asian region featuring the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities. It will deliver a cutting-edge cruising experience through artificial intelligence that will maximise both convenience and speed for the guests on-board.

The cruise line is present in India since 1999 and since then, it has been giving Indians the taste of global cruising experience. Now, most of the global cruise brands operate life-size ships but what will be so special about the 20-deck Global Class ships by Genting Cruise Lines?

Responding to this question, Michael Goh, President, Dream Cruises said, "We say the Global Class is the future of cruising as we will be creating many 'First' (First time) in Global Class. For instance, the cabin size is 15 per cent bigger than global industry standards. Also, in terms of the design of the cabin, we have many 'first' like television size (55 inches), two separate bathrooms to cater to 3-4 guests accommodating in one cabin. We also have mood lighting, voice activation, facial recognition, wireless mobile charging docks in cabin and much more. The Global Class will indeed change the way Indians cruise."

When asked about the category of the ship and the segment of travellers it will cater, Naresh Rawal, Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Genting Cruise Lines said, "Global Class is the new age cruise ships for the modern age travellers. This ship will be an addition in our Dream category ship but bigger in size and with enhanced technology and luxury. We will be releasing the ports and itinerary information in the first quarter of this year and are expecting to receive excellent response from the Indian market. We are sure that Global class ship will revolutionarize the way Indians travellers see cruise holidays."

We are listing down the top 5 highlights of this global class ships which will surely inspire you to book yourself on the maiden voyage of Global Class in 2021.

1. Largest passenger cruise ship in the world

Catering to India’s growing multi-generation travellers who are seeking new travel options, the 20-deck Global Dream will be the largest cruise ship in the world by passenger capacity, accommodating over 9,000 passengers across 2,350 cabins. Not just by size, the ship will excite passengers with its high-end technology, facial recognition, build quality, luxury finish and highest safest standards.

2. Longest roller-coster at sea.

Featuring a 300-metre track, the Space Cruiser will be the world’s longest roller coaster at sea when Dream Cruises launches Global Dream in 2021 and will be one of the attractions at Dream Park at the Pier, the ship’s on-board theme park. Perfect for the whole family, the 2-seater Spike vehicle will allow riders to tailor their rollercoaster experience to individual tastes.

3. State of art technology

The ship will be equipped with voice and facial recognition technology and self-guided mobile assistants. State-of-the-art technology will include Bluetooth locks and a new smart system allowing passengers to control different functions such as the LED mood lighting and climate control with a smartphone app, voice recognition or through a touch-screen control panel. Smart sensors will also be able to detect occupants in the cabin to automatically adjust the lights and temperature for better energy efficiency and triple vent air-conditioning outlets ensure even air distribution for maximum comfort.

4. Bigger cabins as compared to global standards 

Featuring 20m² of space, the Global Class cabins will be approximately 15 per cent larger than standard cabins found on most other cruise lines.

Designed for two guests, the staterooms can also accommodate up to four with a two bathroom design to allow several people to get ready at once and a sofa bed that easily unfolds to sleep two comfortably. There is also a privacy curtain that can be closed to divide the room into separate seating and sleeping areas.

5. The Palace - luxury redefined

Global Class will also feature Dream Cruises' signature "ship-within-a-ship" concept, The Palace, with 151-suites. Of course with modern technology comes more luxury and better experiences.

Innovative new features and facilities on board the Global Class ships will include spacious staterooms and luxurious suites, the first-ever cruise ship theme park featuring the world’s longest roller coaster at sea and the largest cinema at sea with eight theatres. Zouk will also have a presence on Global Dream while Dream Avenue will provide guests with a multi-purpose outdoor leisure and recreational space. The ship will also be equipped with voice and facial recognition technology and self-guided mobile assistants. The ship will also feature 40 F&B concepts with excellent seating capacity.

And recently, the cruise line operator also announced a plan to build a series of new midsize “Universal Class” cruise ships, which it will operate on a charter basis for global hotel brands.

Goh also said that in the last two to three years, cruise ships have been expanding into, and building up, new destinations to give places time to rest and cover, as well as moving away from congested ports. According to Goh, Genting handles 500,000 cruise passengers in Asia, a number that will double to 1million in 2021. “Agents not in the cruise business are missing out.”