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Trip to Mexico Appoints Global Destinations as In-Market Sales and Marketing Representative in India

In a strategic move to bolster its market presence and outreach, Trip to Mexico, a renowned tour operator specializing in crafting unique travel experiences, has appointed Global Destinations as its official sales and marketing representative in the Mexican market.

Trip to Mexico, known for curating tailor-made trips to Mexico’s diverse attractions, ensures a seamless travel experience by meticulously arranging all aspects of a trip, be it a family vacation, romantic getaway, honeymoon, group excursion, or corporate event.

With a focus on providing top-notch services, Trip to Mexico boasts high-level transportation options, direct contracts with hotels, special rates, dependable partnerships, a highly trained team, and personalized attention to meet the unique needs of each client. These operational strengths enable the tour operator to offer the best vacation experiences in Mexico.

Ksenia Tarasova, Vice Director, and Ramon Delgado, Director, bring a wealth of expertise, with over 20 years of experience in the luxury and VIP agency markets across Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and Europe. As a family-owned business, Trip to Mexico is committed to delivering VIP-level care to its agency partners, ensuring the highest quality services in the market.

Their extensive experience positions Trip to Mexico to consistently provide unparalleled travel services, not only in Mexico but also in crafting exceptional journeys to Cuba. Ksenia and Ramon are revered for their ability to bring to life unforgettable trips to Mexico’s renowned landmarks and hidden gems.

Commenting on the collaboration, Ksenia Tarasova and Ramón Delgado, Spokespersons for Trip to Mexico, highlighted the significance of the Indian outbound market and expressed their excitement in appointing Global Destinations as their representation company. This strategic move signifies Trip to Mexico’s dedication to enhancing its market reach and ensuring exceptional travel experiences for visitors to Mexico.

Pranav Kapadia, Founder, Global Destinations, shared his excitement regarding the collaboration with Trip to Mexico, expressing that re-establishing a foothold in Mexico was a significant priority for their organisation.

Kapadia emphasized the strategic importance of this partnership, underlining the eagerness of Global Destinations to once again engage with the Mexican market through this alliance with Trip2Mexico. This re-entry into the Mexican market is a testament to their commitment to providing exceptional travel experiences and furthering their presence in Latin America.