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Turkey launches ‘Safe Tourism Certification’ program

The pickup in Turkey’s tourism continues as the country that welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world every year launched “Safe Tourism Certification” program which is implemented in various areas including transportation and accommodation to ensure a safe vacation for tourists this season.  Tourists travelling to Turkey from many different countries return to their countries healthy and safe having spent their holidays in certified facilities in Turkey.


As one of the first countries to launch “Safe Tourism Certification” Program in the world, Turkey received thousands of applications from hotels, restaurants and transportation companies upon the launch of the program and the number of certified facilities is now over 2,000.  It is expected for the number of certified facilities to exponentially increase as the certification program has become mandatory for accommodation facilities with a capacity of 50 beds or more.


Noting that most facilities in the holiday resorts particularly in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions have received “Safe Tourism Certificate” with the start of the summer season, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said that the number of certified facilities and transportation companies increase exponentially and certification process still continues.


Ersoy added, “Safe Tourism Program which was launched with the goal to host our international guests with our world-renowned Turkish hospitality in the upcoming period, continues successfully. While tourists coming to our country from many different countries enjoy their holidays in Turkey safely, we continue conducting inspection at our facilities incessantly. Our guests who wish to spend their holidays in Turkey can feel at ease knowing that we have thought of every single detail and taken all necessary precautions for them, and we are fastidiously inspecting all practices in the field.”


Pointing out that Safe Tourism Certification Program covers the entire industry, Ersoy added, “A myriad of choices from 5-star hotels to boutique hotels, from yachts to gulets, from local transfer vehicles to restaurants serving the most exquisite delicacies from Turkish and world cuisines await our guests who prefer facilities and companies with Safe Tourism Certificate.”


Turkey offers special travel insurance packages for international tourists

Ersoy noted that the special travel insurance package exclusively designed for tourists visiting Turkey to cover COVID-19 related expenses is yet another assurance for guests visiting our country. The travel insurance policies can be purchased from contracted airlines, various sales points/kiosks inside the airport and online channels. The insurance policies cover all healthcare costs up to EUR 3,000 for a premium fee of EUR 15, EUR 5,000 for a premium fee of EUR 19 and EUR 7,000 for a premium fee of EUR 21.


Tourists can also get tested for COVID-19 at the healthcare centre located in the facility they are staying.   Accommodation facilities with 50 rooms and more which are obliged to have Safe Tourism Certification, also offer guests the opportunity to get tested for COVID-19 upon request. In the event that a guest at the accommodation tests positive for COVID-19 during his/her stay, the certification program also allows that guest and his/her accompanying family members/friends to be isolated in rooms located on the floor/ the block allocated for isolated guests throughout their reservation period.


Furthermore, public health laboratories authorized to conduct tests as well as major airports in cities including Antalya, Izmir, Dalaman and Bodrum offer PCR tests for guests departing from or arriving at Turkey to get a PCR test. Tourists can spend their holiday with utter ease of mind in 2.414 certified facilities across Turkey.


Thanks to the measures taken as part of “Safe Tourism” program as well as the initiatives taken in addition to the program, travel corridors continue to be reopened with many countries, including primarily with UK, Germany and Russia.