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Utah tourism gearing up for multiple trade activities in 2022

In August 2021, AVIAREPS India won the Integrated Sales Marketing and Public Relations mandate for Utah Office of Tourism in India for next five years. Since the appointment, the aim and objective of AVIAREPS India is to position the tourism offerings of Utah in India, which is considered to be a great outdoor State.

Speaking about the potential of the Indian travel market, Zach Fyne, Global Markets Specialist, Utah Office of Tourism said, “This is our first year entering the market with full-time representation, and we see great opportunities with a large and young population booming in the technology sector, with the strong familiarity of the US from visiting friends and family that already live here. Utah presents a unique landscape uncommon to most of the world, covered in both a red rock and Rocky Mountain landscape complete with our Mighty Five® national parks, 46 state parks, 15 ski resorts, and hidden gems that we know will appeal to all groups travelling from India. We’re extremely excited to welcome our Indian visitors as border restrictions have come down and travellers look to explore the world once again.”

AVIAREPS India recently organised an exclusive Thanksgiving Lunch for select trade partners and media in Mumbai. Speaking about the marketing and business strategies for 2022; Ellona Pereira, Head, AVIAREPS India said, “Utah, as a destination, has a lot to offer to all kinds of travellers – be it experiential, budget or luxury. As a destination, it has the potential to attract our Indian visitors owing to its spectacular landscapes and unique offerings such Dark Sky, Bonneville Salt Flats, Greatest Snow on Earth® and much more. In 2022, we will work effectively towards growing the awareness and visibility of Utah and its unique tourism offerings through workshops, events, interesting and engaging training programs for agents across India. Apart from trade initiatives, the team will be also be focusing on a consumer outreach program.”

Utah’s location at the crossroads of the western United States means travellers enjoy easy access to The Greatest Snow on Earth®, The Mighty Five® national parks, and everything in between. Utah’s landscape is varied, ranging from high-desert plateaus to alpine meadows and snow-covered peaks to bird-filled wetlands.