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Vyoma Bhatt, Aspen Vacations #RiseLikeAPhoenix

‘When in doubt, choose the kids. There will be plenty of time later to choose work.’
Vyoma Bhatt, Partner, Aspen Vacations spent most of her childhood and teen in Gujarat, Hong Kong and Mumbai. The one who still gets butterflies by watching aeroplanes in the sky, Vyoma has been passionate about travel ever since her first flight to New Delhi at the age of 11.
Post her marriage in 2005, she moved to the UK and landed a part-time job with TUI as a front desk staff. “Travel was something I was passionate about. I planned my family’s 3-week US/Canada holiday when I was in 10th grade. Later, when I moved to the US between 2008-10, I use to plan travel for my family too. It was somehow like a muscle memory for me to plan and design holidays,” informed Vyoma.
It was in 2011 when she moved to India and started her own travel agency with her sister-in-law. However, in 2016, she became a mother of twins but that never changed her passion or focus from work. She said, “Being a working mom is one of the most challenging and most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Being a mom has made me a better businesswoman, and let’s face it, when you have kids you stop stressing the little things because you simply don’t have time to. I have always felt being a woman in business was an advantage, not a disadvantage, and being a mom even more so. Even if working from home isn’t a huge adjustment, having little kids at home all day while we work, is.”
She further added, “I’m a ‘working mother’ because my children and my work are the two most important things in my life. Finding that balance is very important. Your career lasts a lifetime… stop and try to spend some quality time with your kids too because they grow up too fast.”
Today, Vyoma owns one of the top premium travel company in India dealing with experiential travel for the creme de la creme of the country. And at the same time, is a proud mom of two beautiful kids.
Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices. So try to #balance your passions, and you will soon #RiseLikeAPhoenix