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Why Indian travellers must try iFly Dubai

iFly Dubai is an ultimate place for indoor skydiving experience. If you always wanted to suit up and defy gravity (minus the cape) then you will enjoy this thrilling fun feeling. The reasons Indian travellers must do iFly in Dubai.

1. The price - iFly Dubai is cheaper than doing actual sky-diving or base jumping.

2. It's safe - You are in a protected environment with experts and professionals.

3. More time in air: You get about 2 minutes in air at iFly Dubai as compared to 45 seconds in actual sky-diving and base jumping.

Flying at iFly Dubai takes you up to four meters in the air with an instructor guiding you through your sessions. The air conditioned tunnel keeps you cool while you “fall” for a longer time than any natural descent like bungee jumping and sky diving.