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World’s ‘longest zip-line over the ocean’ now open in South Africa

The world’s longest over-ocean zip-line in Mossel Bay, 384km from Cape Town, is a must for adrenaline junkies from India not afraid of hurtling through space at 80km/h. It has been reported that SA Forest Adventures formed a partnership with Mossel Bay Zip-line in order to make the Mossel Bay Zip-line an unforgettable experience

Costing R450 for the experience (Approximately Rs.2200), the thrilling 1.2km ride – from the top of the rocky cliffs above the Point to the landing platform 1,100 metres (3,608 feet) below – has at long last been opened officially.

The zip-line was approved by the Mossel Bay Municipality in 2017 and stretches from the St Blaize trail to the deck of the Shark Lab Mini Aquarium at the Point. For those too scared to try it on their own, you are able to enjoy it riding tandem with a guide.

And please take note that while people don’t need any ‘special skills’ to participate, there are a few exclusions:

  • No children under six years-old will be allowed to participate
  • No pregnant woman
  • No heart conditions or physical disabilities.
  • No person over the 120kg weight limit
  • If you are unsure of your condition please consult your General Practitioner

In fact, SA Forest Adventures will soon be opening its second zip-line project Knysna Zip-line – SA Forest Adventures to open soon. Clinton Lerm, Founder, SA Forest Adventures posted on Facebook saying, “With our amazing Mossel Bay Zipline – Sa Forest Adventures now operational its time to get our long awaited Knysna Ziplines – Sa Forest Adventures operational. In March this awesome zip-line tour will open. Test you fear of heights with in one of the most pristine SanParks locations possible between Knysna and Plett @The Kranshoek Picnic Site… This is going to be a world class Zipline Tour  within an amazing setting.”

SA Forest Adventures is represented by The Strategy Store in India.

Photo courtesy: Boshoff Photography