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Your comprehensive guide to Thai Lion Air from India

Thai Lion Air: Direct Connectivity from India

In a bid to bolster travel between India and Thailand, Thai Lion Air, a low-cost Thai airline associated with the Lion Air Group, has emerged as a pivotal player. Offering daily direct flights from Mumbai to Bangkok and four flights a week from Bangalore to Bangkok, this airline is making significant strides in the aviation sector.

Thai Lion Air operates these flights utilising modern and spacious Boeing 737-900ER with 215 seats and Boeing 737-800 with 189 seats, providing travellers with a comfortable and efficient journey.

Thai Lion Air India

Diverse Classes, Tailored Choices

To cater to varying preferences and requirements, Thai Lion Air offers two primary classes: Lion Promo and Lion Economy. Moreover, it presents a unique seating proposition, featuring Lion Comfort Seat, Lion Seat, and Lion Economy. This diverse range of options allows passengers to tailor their journey according to their preferences.

For travellers with specific needs, like those with children or seniors, opting for the Lion Comfort Seat may not be feasible due to restricted access. In such cases, Lion Seats provide an excellent alternative, offering better legroom compared to the standard economy class, significantly enhancing the overall comfort for passengers.

Thai Lion Air SeatsAddressing Culinary Preferences

While there is a good selection of food (snack) & drinks onboard to order from (at a cost), there is only one option for vegetarian and it doesn’t fit so well with Indian palate. So, make sure you either eat at the airport or carry food with you.

Thai Lion Air food menu

In-flight Transactions

Keeping the financial aspects in mind, Thai Lion Air accepts only Thai Baht as the standard currency for in-flight purchases. So do your currency exchange beforehand or at the airport in case you plan to buy your meal or drinks onboard.

Thoughtfully Timed Flights 

Thai Lion Air’s flights from Mumbai to Bangkok, departing at 12:05hrs, and reaching Bangkok at approximately 05:45hrs, are strategically timed. This design allows travellers to arrive at their destination early in the morning, providing a full day to embark on exciting explorations in the vibrant city of Bangkok.

On the return journey, Thai Lion Air’s flight takes off from Bangkok at 17:55hrs, ensuring a timely arrival in Mumbai at 22:55hrs. This schedule allows travellers to utilise half a day for last-minute adventures or leisurely exploration in Bangkok before heading to the airport for their departure, maximising their travel experiences.

In summary, Thai Lion Air’s well-planned flight timings not only facilitate convenient travel but also optimise exploration opportunities for travellers, ensuring a seamless and memorable journey between Mumbai and Bangkok.

Arrival Point for Budget-Friendly Travel

Thai Lion Air operates its India-Thailand route, landing exclusively at Don Mueang International Airport. This strategic choice enables passengers to access budget-friendly onward connections through various low-cost carriers (LCCs) from Don Mueang International Airport, enhancing travel affordability and flexibility for all.

In summary, Thai Lion Air is dedicated to enhancing the travel experience for passengers traveling between India and Thailand. With a comprehensive range of services, thoughtful seating options, and a strategic arrival point, the airline is making travel more accessible for budget conscious travellers.