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Anita Jain Shah, TWAI Media Private Limited #RiseLikeAPhoenix

Forget Bollywood, Nepotism exists even in the travel industry,” said Anita Jain Shah, Managing Editor, The Digital Travellers who battled #depression back in 2014 after being boycotted by the travel industry.

Started off in 2007 as a graduate in Journalism, Anita faced depression when she quit her media job on personal differences without giving any notice to the company. Within few days, she heard few of the industry people telling her that her career is over in travel industry and she should look out in other field of journalism now.

“I mean, 7 years down the drain? I wrote to over 50 “industry friends” for any vacancy (not just media, I was ready to do sales, marketing, product development. But I hardly got 5 replies saying, “We will let you know if we have anything.” It was like I never existed. So yeah, no real friends in the industry, they just wanted to be in my good books till I covered them in my editorial stories,” recalls Anita.

Everyone wants to stick around with the powerful, especially with media. After all, it is media who decides who becomes popular and who gets the award. Often, they even gang up and crush the ones who are weak or have the power to challenge them. Often, talent goes unnoticed under the burden of power. This is not about a brand or a person, it is more about the thought-process.

“I cried for hours, days and weeks. The future looked bleak. Every thought was a battle, every breath was a war, and I was losing hope with each passing day. Trust me, it is not easy. Your entire world crashes down & you totally lose faith in people and world. It was like living in a body who fights to survive with a mind that tries to die.”

She fought depression and came out stronger. Today, Anita owns a digital media house and has some real good friends in the industry.

“Maybe we are all unknowingly part of this dark system, maybe even I am now.”

To those who are feeling the same now, all we can say is ‘This too shall pass. Just stay strong. God has bigger plans for you. #Havefaith Don’t just give up yet.” Just hang in there and soon, you will #RiseLikeAPhoenix
And those who unknowingly support nepotism, please be kind. Each one of us are fighting a battle of our own, respect talent, passion and dreams over power and greed.

Anita Jain Shah The Digital Travellers 1


Anita Jain Shah The Digital Travellers 1