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The Protagonist – Dev Karvat, MD & CEO, TrawellTag CoverMore

It takes years of hard work for an idea to succeed. You need to have resilience and grit, care about the sincerity of the idea.

Rahim Aslam OneAbove DMC

The Protagonist – Rahim Aslam, OneAbove Destination Management Services

Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation. But the world always takes it the wrong way. Fighting against all the odds, he made

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WVConnect 2019

Mahabalipuram – The next beach wedding destination of India

The first edition of WV Connect by Wedding Vows successfully positioned 'Mahabalipuram' near Chennai, as a promising beach wedding destination in India. Attended by close

South Africa DMC in India

Top Travel Suppliers of South Africa for Indian market

Be it for luxury, adventure, special interest groups or Indian meals; South Africa is buckled up with cater every type of Indian travellers with specialized