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AVIAREPS Marks 30 Years of Global Expansion and Success

From Munich to 65 Countries: AVIAREPS Celebrates Three Decades of Connecting Brands with Global Markets

In April 1994, AVIAREPS took flight as a pioneering venture in Munich, Germany, with a vision to empower airlines, destinations, and hospitality brands to expand their reach globally. Founded by Michael Gaebler, the company’s journey began with a mission to bridge the gap between businesses and international markets. Fast forward 30 years, AVIAREPS has emerged as the world’s leading international sales, marketing, and communications company, boasting a network of 69 offices spanning 65 countries across six continents.

Michael Gaebler, Chairman and Founder of AVIAREPS, reflects on the remarkable evolution of the company: “Thirty years of AVIAREPS! What a great journey with the most exceptional and wonderful colleagues and partners! In the beginning, AVIAREPS came to life as a solution for airlines, destinations, and hospitality brands to better expand their corporate footprint and reach into global markets.”

Today, AVIAREPS stands at the forefront of diverse industries, serving an array of brands in aviation, tourism, hospitality, food & beverage, lifestyle, mobility, retail, tourism attractions, trade promotion, and more. Gaebler proudly acknowledges the pivotal role of AVIAREPS’ dedicated team in driving the company’s success: “The great and ongoing successes achieved for our clients in their quest for global market outreach and growth have been based on connecting them and having them facilitated by the best product in the world – our people.”

The 30th anniversary celebrations commenced at the prestigious ITB Berlin, the world’s leading travel trade show, with the annual signature event, “AVIAREPS ITB Executive Dinner.” Partners from around the globe joined in commemorating three decades of AVIAREPS’ accomplishments. Edgar Lacker, CEO of AVIAREPS, expresses his enthusiasm: “Today, AVIAREPS is proud to be the global leader in airline, tourism, and hospitality representation, actively influencing, developing, and shaping tourism, aviation, and hospitality trends.”

As part of the anniversary festivities, AVIAREPS unveiled its revamped website,, embodying the company’s ethos of innovation, growth, excellence, and inspiration. With milestones peppered throughout its history, including expansion into Europe in 1996 and North America in 2001, AVIAREPS has continuously evolved, now offering global 360° services to over 250 clients.

The global expansion of AVIAREPS extends beyond its office network, encompassing diverse business fields, subsidiaries like AVIANET, and innovative products such as AVIAGROUPS and AVIAHUB. Despite the exponential growth, AVIAREPS remains steadfast in its mission: bringing people to the world and the world to the people.

As AVIAREPS embarks on its next chapter, the company remains committed to fostering global connections, driving industry trends, and empowering brands to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace. With three decades of success under its belt, AVIAREPS is poised to continue shaping the future of aviation, tourism, and hospitality for years to come.