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British Airways rolls out Diwali holiday ad campaign

British Airways has launched its latest brand advertisement, celebrating the Diwali holiday. This seasonal campaign marks the joy of individuals returning to India for the festive season. The commercial showcases the dedicated British Airways team members who work tirelessly during the festival period to facilitate heartwarming reunions for their customers. The advert highlights the participation of Indian-based cabin crew, contact center personnel, and customer service agents, with the filming taking place within the team members’ own homes.

This advertisement will be broadcast until November 11 in both 30-second and 15-second segments, appearing in cinemas, out-of-home spaces, social media platforms, and key television spots, including the Cricket World Cup.

Hamish McVey, Director of Marketing, British Airways commented, “Each year, millions of people come together to celebrate Diwali, and we understand the significance of the journey back home to be with loved ones. Our campaign revolves around our exceptional team members, as we wanted to express our gratitude for their role in reuniting families and friends.”

British Airways is also offering special Diwali fares. The airline operates 56 flights per week to India, with three daily flights to Mumbai, two to Delhi, and daily flights to Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad.