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Chalo DMC hosts travel partners to experience the best of North India

Chalo DMC, recently organized a Familiarisation Tour for its Trade Partners in the domestic tourism sector. The tour provided an opportunity for agents to experience the unique and luxurious offerings of the Dharamshala and Amritsar tour circuit in India, which boasts a diverse range of attractions and direct flights to the destination, making it an excellent choice for the upcoming season.

During the tour, the agents were treated to exceptional hospitality and stayed in luxurious accommodations at the Rakkh Resort, the ITC Amoha Retreat, and the Punjab Village Farm. They also participated in various activities, including short treks, cultural evenings featuring traditional cuisine and music, tea trails, and farm activities. Additionally, they had the chance to explore local attractions such as the Dalai Lama Monastery and local bazaars, while immersing themselves in the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Siddharth Jain, Director of Chalo DMC LLP, emphasized that the region of Dharamshala and its surrounding areas, along with Amritsar, have gained popularity among tourists who seek a wide range of inclusive experiences and activities suitable for all age groups. Whether it’s an adventure, local culture, spiritual journeys, wildlife exploration, or exclusive tea-tasting experiences, this region offers something for everyone.

Moreover, the addition of several new properties has provided an array of luxurious accommodations for guests to choose from, ensuring that they can enjoy the utmost comfort during their stay. Additionally, the increased number of direct flights offered by Indigo Airlines has made it even more convenient and attractive for visitors this summer.

For those looking to expand their itinerary, a short trip to Amritsar, only a four-hour drive away, is highly recommended. Visitors can explore the famous Golden Temple, witness the daily flag-lowering ceremony at the Wagah Border, and indulge in the city’s renowned food trails. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that Dharamshala and Amritsar have become such popular destinations for travellers seeking a well-rounded and enriching experience, as highlighted by Jain.

Pranav Kapadia, Director of Chalo DMC LLP, further added that the company believes in providing their Trade Partners with a first-hand experience of their offerings and services, along with enlightening them on the destination. The Familiarisation Tour provided a brilliant opportunity for this, and they were delighted to receive positive responses from all agents. They were also pleased to have partnered with major brands and popular properties in the region, which offer a great prospect for their Trade Partner clients seeking an experiential domestic vacation during the summer season.

Overall, the Familiarisation Tour was a success and offered an unforgettable experience to all participants, showcasing the best of North India.