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Club Med reassures guests by undertaking safety measures

Club Med, the pioneer in premium all-inclusive holidays prides itself in offering comfortable and carefree holidays with customer happiness at its core. Health and safety of the staff at Club Med (G.Os & G.Es) and of its guests (G.Ms) has always been a priority and the resort teams have stepped up hygiene and safety measures in line with the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). While there are no affected cases in any Club Med resort or offices, the teams remain cautious and continue to adhere to strict hygiene precautions while welcoming travellers who are looking to enjoy a well-deserved, peaceful holiday. In addition to the launch of Club Med Cocoon and Safe Together guest assurance program developed with the support of Ecolab, the brand has adopted the following measures to provide a safe environment for its guests while experiencing the resort.

  1. Temperature checks – Daily temperatures checks have been implemented for all guests and visitors upon arrival, and before meals twice a day. Kids enrolled in the Mini Club will have to take their temperature upon arrival to the Kids Clubs. Temperature checks are also ongoing for all staff at least twice a day, as well as suppliers which adhere to the hygiene protocols. Club Med will assist with guests, visitors or staff who are found to be unwell with any symptoms of high fever, flu, or respiratory problems and ensure they consult a doctor immediately.
  1. Compulsory health & travel declarations – All guests and staff have to declare their country of origin and latest travel history. Cases that are considered to be a risk will be referred to the relevant authorities.
  1. Staff training – Club Med staff have been thoroughly trained on hospitality cleaning measures and biowaste disposal based on the World Health Organization guidelines. Masks are worn by all housekeeping, kitchen and Kids’ Club staff. Additionally, hydro-alcohol hand sanitizers are provided for guests’ and staff usage, placed around the resort premises.
  1. Cleaning & Sanitization procedures – At Club Med, the rooms, public areas, main entrance, carpets, lobby, lift panels, door handles, countertops, tables and handrails are sanitized and disinfected frequently each day. High touchpoint areas including elevator panels, public area door handles, sports materials & mats are sanitized hourly. Guest rooms are deep cleaned and disinfected after each check-out. In addition to these, all air-conditioning runs in fresh air mode, ensuring constant airflow in the rooms and public spaces.
  1. Feel-safe dining – Club Med has taken steps to ensure that the culinary teams follow the Food Safety Management systems. Masks are worn by all frontline food & beverage staff, and food utensils go through a high-temperature dishwasher before being additionally sanitized. All serving cutleries are replaced with clean ones every 30 minutes. Bar and dining areas are also sanitized frequently throughout the day. Baby chairs are disinfected after each use and wrapped after each disinfection. In Club Med Sahoro and Tomamu, we have replaced all our self-service provisions & counters to plated service as a precautionary measure.
  1. Emergency Response Plan & Coordination with Authorities – Club Med maintains a close connection with local authorities to ensure close monitoring of the situation and its evolution. Additionally, in the event of a suspected COVID-19 case, the resorts have an Emergency Response Plan in place. There are disinfection protocols and a stock of masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectants, with a Hygiene & Safety Department dedicated to the coordination and support of corporate hygiene and safety. Club Med has daily monitoring in the Asia Pacific, with contacts for
  2. i) Emergency evacuation of guests and staff
  3. ii) A dedicated hospital for all suspected cases

iii)                 A laboratory for detection of COVID-19

  1. iv) And local authorities to ensure that appropriate actions are taken should an emergency occur
  1. Staff Quarantines and Movement – Staff who have recently been to high-risk countries undergo 14 days strict quarantine and resume work only thereafter.
  1. Using different platforms to disseminate information – Club Med is committed to delivering a memorable vacation with an emphasis on precaution and safety-enhancing procedures. Posters and notices are placed around the resort to remind guests and staff to adopt good personal hygiene while guests are also encouraged to follow the resort’s Facebook page, check the website, Club Med app, or in-room television to receive the latest updates and essential information.