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Diksha Batra, Genting Cruise Lines #RiseLikeAPhoenix

‘Our opinions and thoughts mean very little if there is nothing we disagree with.’

With a degree in Travel & Tourism, Diksha Batra, AVP – Sales, Genting Cruise Lines started off with an inbound travel company in New Delhi. “I’ve worked with travel companies and global hotel brands between 2002 till 2006 but failed to find my true calling. I was doing my job for the sake of doing it with no passion and just for staying busy in life. I mean, I use to get bored at work and hence kept shifting jobs too often,” said Diksha.

She started with Genting Cruise Lines (Star Cruises back in 2007) in Sales and was pretty sure she will move out of the company soon due to her consistent pattern of boredom at work. However, things changed in 2009 when she was made the Head for North India region. “Suddenly a new world of opportunities, learnings and challenges opened up for me. The 360-degree exposure has kept me on my foot for 11 years in this organisation. However with opportunities come responsibilities and it was then that I learned the art of balancing my YES and NO,” said Diksha.

Forever saying ‘YES’ can get you into trouble and forever saying ‘NO’ will restrict you from living at all.

“Let’s face it. Saying no can sometimes make you sound mean, selfish or even rude but that doesn’t mean you have to say yes for the sake of it. If you stand your grounds with the right YES or NO, I’m sure you will get better business opportunities and at the same time create a reputed brand for your company and yourself,” said Diksha. She further said, “Our yes has no meaning if we never say no. My chosen profession has no passion if ‘just anyone would do’.

Diksha credits her management and team who always stand by her decisions and believe in her capabilities.

Have the courage to say no. Promise yourself that you will always remember you are deserving of choosing your yes’s and your no’s. The ability to say “no” as and when you need to is one of the most freeing things in life and it will help you #RiseLikeAPhoenix#ItsOkToSayNo