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Kavya Resort & Spa, Kathmandu has appointed ‘Wanderlust Marketing’ as its representative in India

Situated in the serene Himalayan surroundings, Kavya Resort & Spa combines elegance, sophistication, and luxury with its charming ambiance and breathtaking views. Nestled in the tranquil village of Nagarkot, the resort seamlessly blends Nepalese tradition with modern sophistication, offering an ideal getaway amidst snow-covered peaks and stunning sunrise views on frosty mornings.

Set against the backdrop of rugged mountains and picturesque ravines, Kavya Resort & Spa provides a peaceful retreat with magnificent views. Redefining luxury, the resort offers warm hospitality, panoramic trails, and breathtaking butterflies amidst the wildflower-strewn Kathmandu Valley.

Operating under the ‘Wanderlust Marketing’ umbrella, Global Destinations aims to compile a collection of unique and exclusive travel providers. The goal is to provide comprehensive marketing solutions while offering discerning travelers the most exclusive, bespoke, and memorable experiences from around the world.

TJ Grundl-Hong, Managing Principal, Kavya Resort & Spa, expressed that India is their priority market, and they are thrilled to appoint Wanderlust Marketing as their representative in India. He said, “Kavya Resort & Spa, is a well suited luxury & wellness property for the Indian discerning traveller and we have a seen an exponential increase, from India during 2023, both in terms of number of guests
as well as length of stay.” 

Pranav Kapadia, Founder, Wanderlust Marketing, shared his pleasure in adding Kavya Resort & Spa to their portfolio. He said, ““It’s an immense pleasure to add Kavya Resort & Spa to our portfolio and introduce the luxury resort, to our Indian trade partners. Experiential Luxury travel from India has grown leaps and bounds and continues to be on a rise. Today, travellers, look for unique and distinguished experiences. The emergence of experiential luxury travel is one of the outcomes of the pandemic, where Indian travellers now look to engage in immersive, meaningful, and sustainable travel.”