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Millennial travellers opt for travel over sex, carbs & coffee: Contiki Travel Research

Millennial travellers

Millennials have been a hot topic of discussion over the past few years within the travel industry. Also, know as Gen Y, this particular subset of the population has been heavily exposed to various forms of digital technology, consuming information differently and valuing different attributes than their predecessors both in their professional and personal lives. When it comes to travel, the general consensus is that this particular generation prefers the more experiential side of things—unique adventures, hotels with personality and a sense of place, a focus on what’s local, and value for money. But just how much do millennials value travel?

According to a recent survey of over 1,500 individuals ranging from 18 to 35 years old by Contiki—a travel company that is specifically catering to this particular age group—83 percent are traveling one to five times a year, 48 percent one to two times a year, and 35 percent three to five times a year. But when it comes to what they’re willing to relinquish in order to travel, the results are surprising. Majority of the millennials said that they would give up Netflix (80 per cent), coffee (77 per cent), alcohol (73 per cent), carbs (60 per cent), and even sex (57 per cent) to travel. Meanwhile, 41 per cent of those surveyed said that they would relinquish their cell phone, even though 49 per cent of them admitted to spending eight to ten hours per day on their device.

Other travel outfitters have also found that the younger globetrotter places an emphasis on sustainable tourism. Virutoso, a network of luxury advisors all around the world, have identified that factors like reducing plastic waste, animal welfare, protecting wildlife, supporting local farmers, giving back to communities, safeguarding historic sites, and conserving coral reefs appeal to their clients. As more hotels, and even destinations, continue to announce that they are either reducing or eliminating plastic consumption for the betterment of climate change (and to appeal to the conscious traveller), it seems like the industry is finally catching up and improving their practices.

To entice the youthful traveller, some hotel chains are launching new brands that are more in line with millennials’ needs and desires in hopes of appealing to them. The latest to do so is Hilton, which recently announced that the company will be launching Motto by Hilton, a new affordable lifestyle brand that promises prime locations, locality, flexibility, and competitive rates. After extensively researching the hostel model globally, the company found that those who stay in these shared-room concepts prefer to book with friends and family rather than staying with a stranger. As a result, Motto hopes to combine comfort with accessibility by offering rooms with a variety of bedding options (queen, bunk, Murphy) that can be linked together and will offer modern conveniences like split payments at the time of booking, a mobile app to control room features, and curated sleep experiences. Openings are slated for 2020, with one of the firsts in Marylebone, London.

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