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OneAbove DMC Foresees a New Horizon in Indian Outbound Travel for 2024

In a groundbreaking development for Indian globetrotters, several countries have embraced visa-free access for Indian visitors, unveiling a promising outlook for outbound travel in 2024. Among the visionaries anticipating this monumental shift is Rahim Aslam, Founder & Consultant, OneAbove DMC, who remarks, “In 2024, the outlook for Indian outbound travel appears promising as several countries embrace visa-free access for Indian visitors.”

Rahim Aslam OneAbove DMC

This progressive move foresees a significant uptick in travel to diverse destinations such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Maldives, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Thailand, Seychelles, and Vietnam. These countries, beckoning with open arms and sans visa requirements, are poised to ignite a surge in Indian travel, offering a tapestry of opportunities to explore various cultures, awe-inspiring landscapes, and immersive travel encounters.

As Aslam points out, “These accessible destinations are not merely about travel; they are about fostering cultural exchanges, bolstering economic ties, and connecting nations in a profound way.” The visa-free initiative is set to diversify travel preferences, paving the way for purpose-driven journeys in 2024. Travellers are now seeking experiences that intertwine sustainability, technological facilitation, community collaborations, adventure, wellness, and a deepening of global connections.

With the stage set for a transformative year in travel, Aslam envisions a future where borders become bridges, connecting India with the world in unprecedented ways. The visa-free access initiative is not just a convenience for travellers; it symbolises a new era of exploration, understanding, and global camaraderie. As we step into 2024, the world is beckoning, and Indians are poised to answer the call with unparalleled enthusiasm and curiosity.