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Paris Shines as the New European Epicentre and Tourism Capital

In a spectacular post-Brexit turnaround, Paris has unequivocally claimed its role as Europe’s new economic and financial hub, outshining both London and Frankfurt. The Paris Region is experiencing a surge with over 2,800 bankers and financiers relocating from London, sparking the creation of 7,000 jobs and propelling the Paris Stock Exchange to the forefront of market capitalization in Europe.

But the story doesn’t stop at finance. A high-profile delegation led by Valérie Pécresse, President of Paris Region, and Alexandra Dublanche, Chairwoman of Choose Paris Region, is currently in India, not just to strengthen economic ties but to redefine Paris as a versatile destination.

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Tourism Takes Center Stage:
Paris Region acknowledges the fastest route to engage Indian travellers is through Bollywood. The delegation’s tour of Yash Raj studios is a testament to their commitment to tapping into cinema tourism. Additionally, they express keen interest in attracting the Indian wedding sector, envisioning Paris as the ultimate backdrop for grand celebrations.

Cultural Extravaganza and Beyond:
As Paris prepares for the 2024 Olympics, economic opportunities are burgeoning. Investment projects related to the Games have created over 4,000 jobs, showcasing the Paris Region as an inviting ground for foreign companies. The 150th Anniversary of Impressionism adds a cultural touch to 2024, creating a rich backdrop for Indian tourists.

A Cinematic Affair:
Recognizing the sway of Indian cinema on travel choices, especially Bollywood, the delegation’s visit to Yash Raj studios is strategic. It aims not only to explore cinema tourism but also to encourage film producers to choose Paris as their preferred location for movies and songs.

Wedding Tourism and Stay Longer in Paris:
The delegation expresses a keen interest in attracting the Indian wedding sector, adding a romantic touch to Paris’s allure. Furthermore, they aim to extend the nights spent in Paris by Indian travellers. Understanding that, due to multiple-country visits, Indians often allocate only one night in Paris, they emphasize the city’s potential for a more immersive experience, spanning 3 to 5 nights.

Global Showcase:
Amidst these endeavours, the delegation underscores the upcoming global showcase during the Paris 2024 Olympics. With an anticipated 2 billion viewers worldwide, Paris aims to ensure the world sees the best of the city as the Olympics unfold across its diverse venues.

Celebrating Unity: A New Chapter for India-France Relations
In a historic moment, President Macron of France graced India’s 73rd Republic Day celebrations as the special guest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The camaraderie displayed signifies a deepening bond between the two nations.

In this evolving narrative, Paris is not just a financial powerhouse but a multifaceted destination. With a spotlight on tourism, wedding extravaganzas, Bollywood allure, and cultural richness, Paris is set to redefine its image and create lasting impressions on a global stage.